Free webinar on diving and smoking

We all know that smoking is an unhealthy habit. Besides incurring the health risks, every smoker voluntarily sacrifices seven to ten years of his or her life to the tobacco industry. Add to that, if you are a diver, there are additional risks and health concerns. These are highlighted in an upcoming webinar organised by aqua med (Medical Helpline Worldwide GmbH). Diving is a sport in which the lungs and respiratory system play a vital role, so both must operate at an optimal level. Thus, the diver who is also a smoker would at some point question the usefulness of his or her smoking habit. Of course, all divers are familiar with the health risks associated with smoking – thanks to the widespread slogans and campaigns highlighting them. However, this webinar won’t be a preachy session about these dangers. Instead, it will focus on the specific implications of smoking that are particularly relevant to divers, so that they are forewarned on the dangers, should they decide to continue with their smoking habit. Conducted by Dr. Anke Fabian and Dr. Matthias Gieselmann, the webinar will be in German. Those interested can log in at on October 20th at 8.30pm or at on November 12th at 8.30pm. Website: