Fotoforum Award 2016

The Fotoforum Magazine is calling for entries for its Fotoforum Award 2016, on the theme of animals.
All photographers (including underwater photographers) are invited to submit their best photos of animals for the latest round of judging. The category is on animals. The criteria for the photos are that they need to be unique depictions, provide meaningful insights into their behaviour or be artistically composed. There are four categories: mammals, birds, aquatic animals and other animals like insects, amphibians and reptiles.
All species of animals — whether native or exotic, living on land or underwater — are welcome. Participants can submit their entries at the portal, anytime by 1 December 2015.
The Fotoforum Award takes place six times a year, each time focusing on specific topics, ranging from architecture, animals, people, plants, and mushrooms, experimental and landscapes. The jury of experts comprises photographers and experts from different disciplines and genres. They will meet six times a year to determine the winners for each round.
Participation is open to all. The only requirement is the opening of a fotoforum premium account and annual subscription (at 4.50 Euros monthly), or the payment of an entry fee of 20 Euros.
For every round (six times per year), cash prizes totalling 3,400 Euros as well as a place in the annual ranking are awarded to the winners. The winning photos are published in the fotoforum magazine, as well as online, thus allowing the photos to be viewed by a large audience.
Every year, a total of 20,400 Euros in cash prizes await the winners. In addition, participants can accumulate annual rankings, in which they can win additional attractive prizes based on all-round points.
For more information and to participate, visit Fotoforum.