Climate-Neutral Resort in Sulawesi, Indonesia

Since the end of September ‘Celebes Divers’ is the first climate-neutral dive resort in Northern Sulawesi, Indonesia. The well-known climate protection organization ClimatePartner confirmed officially the climate neutrality of the resort. For years, the resort has been addressing the issue of environmental protection, keeping in line with the mission of our Blue Oceans program. For more than 20 years, Celebes Divers has been operating in Sulawesi, opening a total of three resorts. Their efforts in the areas of environmental and climate protection were recently honored by the worldwide known climate protection organization ClimatePartner. Being labeled as ‘ climate-neutral ’ confirms that all of Celebes Divers’ CO2 emissions are calculated and balanced out by supporting other climate protection projects. The resort has been supporting environmental protection for years and has taken steps to reduce the amount of waste produced and has minimized the ecological burden they put on the environment. Because of these outstanding practices, Celebes Divers has been also awarded as a Blue Oceans Training Center by SSI. Reusable bottles and refillable shampoo and soap dispensers are some measures that Celebes Divers has introduced. Additionally, they have eliminated all plastic straw use and sell reef-friendly sunscreen in their shops. The entire lighting system was adjusted to LED and all resorts are using energy-saving kitchen appliances. Also in the energy saving sector, Celebes Divers has implemented specific measures: for the production of hot water, they use only natural gas and all generators were exchanged to modern ones with reduced emissions. The inclusion of the local population and the social responsibility of their region is also important to them. Local suppliers are considered for grocery shopping so that long transportation of goods is avoided and the local region is supported. Furthermore, Celebes Divers includes their guests as well by giving each guest the opportunity to contribute a voluntary amount of 1€ per night per guest to support environmental and climate protection projects. Guests also receive a net they can use to collect trash during their dives. Regular clean-up days are organized by the resort as well, where they collect trash from the ocean and the beach. Further projects are planned such as a new water purification system so that there is no need to transport drinking water from the mainland to the island, Siladen, thereby reducing CO2 emissions. We are excited about this development and hope that we continue to add more Blue Oceans Training Centers worldwide! Click here to learn more about our Blue Oceans program.