Diving Yap - Goofnuw Channel

This dive site is also called "Valley of the Rays" by the Diveguides, as it is the hotspot for encounters with the gentle Manta Rays.

After eating in the open sea, the impressive – and up to 4 meters tall -  animals come here to get brushed at two significant coral blocks. Another small block is at a depth of about 8 meters. Here it is important to position yourself a little bit deeper, so that the animals find their way to the cleaning station without being disturbed.

The canal is a bit wider direction inland and right here on the other side, a little bit deeper, the second cleaning station can be found. A giant lettuce coral (Agaricia agaricites) where gray reef sharks and white tip reef sharks (Triaenodon obesus) take the opportunity to be cleaned by the resident cleaner fish.

The numerous small cleaner fish seem to expect the big rays, which approach elegantly and slowly and then hover just above the block to be cleaned from head to tail.

This dive site is heavily dependent on tides and is dived optimally with incoming water. Then the clean seawater flushes the sediment into the canal and the water at the divesite is crystal clear. The current helps the mantas to stand almost motionless above the cleaning stations. They have negative buoyancy and the animals would otherwise sink when motionless.

The bottom of the canal is 17 meters deep. Bumphead parrotfish patrols constantly up and down and are not disturbed by divers. A dive site that is always fascinating – again and again and suitable for both beginners and advanced. A recommended provider for this dive site is the renowned dive center Yap Divers.

Video of Goofnuw Channel: https://youtu.be/Ana3dYxQswk