Diving with manatees in Florida

The name is program in Crystal River

Crystal clear turquoise water awaits visitors in and around Crystal River, Citrus County, Florida. Water rats are just right here, because the destination attracts with a variety of activities around the clear water.

The water has a constant temperature of pleasant 22 degrees Celsius all year round. The water gushes in large quantities from over 28 natural freshwater springs. Whether adventurous, sporty or completely relaxed - Crystal River has something for every taste on and under water.

Fin on fin with manatees

It is a unique experience and only available in Crystal River; to experience the so-called gentle giants so close - who move seasonally from the Gulf of Mexico into the nearby rivers. The most popular spots for manatee tours are the river basins of the Crystal River and Kings Bay. Guides and visitors visit the waters at regular intervals. In the water the participants should avoid hectic swimming movements and should adjust in motion to the manatees. The manatees then decide how close they want to come - petting without permission, poking or even waking up a sleeping animal will be punished with fines. Softly and with patience, the snorkeler is welcomed as a play and cuddling mate. Tip: Early Birds who book a tour during the week have the greatest possible value for the event. Then there are fewer tourists, but more Manatees on the way.

Diving Crystal River

The species-rich underwater world in Crystal River thrills beginners and dive professionals alike. Large alligator pikes, river and sun perches, snapping turtles and other inhabitants live in the deep green and between the proliferating aquatic plants. From time to time a cormorant shoots into the water and the divers experience the underwater hunt in nearest distance. Diving El Dorados are the Rainbow River, Three Sister Springs and not least Kings Spring, which is often suitable for advanced divers due to its often poor visibility and a very small cave.

Another highlight is the cave system Blue Grotto in Williston. At a depth of about ten meters there is an air bell where divers can watch the swimmers above them and the underwater world around them.

General Information: http://www.discovercrystalriverfl.com/.

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