Dive Site of the Month

On the eastern shores of the Mediterranean, you have the opportunity to experience a shark phenomenon currently happening and being researched by a marine biologist - our Dive Site of the Month.

Dive Site Description

On the banks of the Hadera Estuary sits a power plant that is close to the shore. In recent years, the marine biologist has been observing an unusual underwater activity happening only during the winter months (December – April). The estuary has become a magnet for large groups of sharks to gather. Presumably drawn by the warm water emitted by the power station, Dusky and Sand bar sharks are drawn in by the hundreds. Divers can watch and photograph these majestic creatures up close and personal as they swim up and down the coast line staying within the barriers of the warm water.

Located Training Centers at the Dive Site

If this is something that sounds interesting and fun, several SSI Dive Centers offer guided dives to see these wonderful creatures. The dive is done from the shore, just off the Hadera Estuary Recreational Park. The water temperature during the shark season is 16-18 degrees Celsius (60-65 Fahrenheit) and reaches 29 degrees (85 degrees) in summer. Find all located Training Centers here. One last benefit is the opportunity to either meet the marine biologist or research team from the Morris Kahn Marine Research Station and the Leon Charney School of Marine Science. Close Up Shark Side picture shark Front picture Shark Sand Bar Shark