Dive More - 6 Ways to Join Your Local Dive Scene

If you are like all other divers, you most certainly wish you could dive more. The demands of life, such as work, family, and other adult responsibilities, can make it tricky to escape underwater, but we have a solution. Get involved in your local dive scene. No matter how far you live from the sea, you can go diving. You are much more likely to dive frequently if you get involved in your local dive scene. It is a great way to make new friends, boost your skills and fitness, and have fun year-round. Here are some top ways you can get involved with local diving today.

How to get involved with your local dive scene.

1. Connect with Your Local Training Center.

If you have not connected with an SSI Training Center in your area, now is the time to do so. It is the best way to get to know your local dive crew and SSI center staff, so you are more connected to what is going on in your local area. Your Training Center will know where the dive sites are in your area and can give you details on how to access them and what you will see. If you want to find those secret dive spots with the best marine life, this is the way to do it. Your local center may also organize diving events you can attend, including weekend dive trips further afield, social events, skill sessions, and more. All of which can be great ways to meet like-minded divers, keep diving and visit dive spots you may not have thought of before. CLICK HERE TO FIND YOUR LOCAL SSI TRAINING CENTER.

2. Join a Dive Club.

Dive clubs are a popular way for divers to connect and spend time together. Joining a dive club is an excellent way to get involved in your local dive scene because where there are divers, there is diving. Being involved in a dive club will allow you to connect with active divers in your area, be invited to diving events, and hear about diving opportunities. Some of the most active divers are those involved in their local dive community, even when dive sites are scarce.

3. Find Local Dive Sites.

No matter where you live, chances are there is some local body of water to find. All you need to do is:
  • Research where you can dive.
  • Find out if you are allowed to dive there.
  • Plan the best entry/exit points.
  • Ask about possible precautions - like limited visibility or currents.
There is a whole world of diving possibilities out there! Look for rivers, lakes, quarries, large streams, reservoirs, or springs in your local area. Need some inspiration? Check out MyDiveGuide. This unique SSI dive site database has more than 10,000 dive sites, including wildlife maps and specialist dives. GO DIVING - CLICK HERE TO FIND DIVE SITES IN YOUR AREA.

4. Extend Your Dive Season.

Diving local may mean those warm days only occur during the summer, but do not let that stop you. You can stay involved with your local dive scene throughout the year by taking a few simple steps to extend your dive season:
  • If temperatures drop in the fall, invest in a thicker wetsuit or start dry suit diving.
  • Does your local dive site ice over in the winter? Embark on a new adventure as an ice diver!
  • Pack a hot drink and a woolly hat to keep cozy and fuelled between dives.
Sometimes, diving locally just requires a bit of creativity! YOUR GUIDE TO ICE DIVING: WHY IT IS WORTH GETTING COLD FOR.

5. Lower Your Expectations.

Of course, every diver loves seeing colorful reefs thriving with life and exploring in warm, clear waters. But most divers also love the pure peace and tranquility that being suspended underwater brings. If you crave that quiet solitude, you do not need every dive to be postcard-worthy. By lowering your dive site expectations, you will open yourself up to many more diving opportunities. Chances are that your local dive sites will not have fantastic visibility, abundant aquatic life, or warm water. But being okay with that will allow you to spend much more time underwater and have more fun. What are you waiting for? Start exploring your local bodies of water today.

6. Equip yourself to dive in your area's conditions.

With the right dive kit, you can stay comfortable in the water and enjoy local diving all year. Visiting your local Training Center is a great place to start, as they can recommend the right kit for you and your dive preferences. Get out there, meet local divers and start exploring! READ MORE: 14 UNBEATABLE PLACES TO SCUBA DIVE WITH YOUR FAMILY.