Actor Sigmar Solbach is new Chairman of GRD

Solbach attended at boot show 2017

Well-known actor Sigmar Solbach has been appointed as the new Chairman of the German Society for the Conservation of Dolphins (GRD).

Having twice sailed across the Atlantic, Solbach is a passionate sailor, as well as a voice actor and devout Buddhist. Solbach succeeds world circumnavigator Rollo Gebhard, who founded the Munich-based dolphin and marine conservation organisation in 1991 after returning from his third round-the-world trip.

"I am connected to Rollo Gebhard not only by a friendship lasting several decades and the passion for sailing, but also by the great fascination that we have for dolphins. When these animals look at us, they relate to us at a very special level that is unforgettable," Solbach said in German.

In the footsteps of the circumnavigator

In 1973, after training at the Westphalia Acting School in Bochum (Westfälisches Schauspielschule Bochum) and his initial theatre engagements, Solbach established himself as one of the most successful German actors in more than 90 television productions.

In his role as Dr Stefan Frank – "the doctor whom women trust" – he was voted the most popular television star. He continues to act in the theatre, a place which he considers to be his artistic domain.

As a voice artist, he has done voiceovers for personalities like James Steward.

"It's really special to follow in the footsteps of the great Rollo Gebhard," the actor said, commenting on his position as GRD's Chairman. "I love adventure, and now I have the added responsibility of leading a dolphin protection organisation."

Sigmar Solbach at boot 2017

For the first time, in his capacity as the new Chairman of GRD, Solbach answered questions from interested parties and the public at the largest scuba diving trade show – boot 2017.

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