8 Reasons Why You Should Take Your Kids Diving Now

As a diver, you know how amazing and peaceful it is to explore the underwater world and that scuba diving is one of the best sports out there. Diving is also unique in that nearly everyone can enjoy it! Since you can get certified at ten years old and continue diving well into your later years, diving is the perfect family activity that kids, parents, and grandparents can enjoy together. So, whether you became a certified diver long before you started a family or just learned to dive with your spouse or friends, we have eight compelling reasons why you should take your kids diving with you today!

The 8 Best Reasons to Take Your Kids Diving.

1. Promotes family bonding.

Nothing beats spending time with the ones you love most. Research shows that the more focused time you invest in your kids, the more successful they become as adults.

Taking your kids diving, especially during the teenage years, will also give you something to bond over, talk about, and create lifelong memories doing together.

2. Boosts self-esteem.

Learning to dive and becoming a self-sufficient scuba diver involves many problem-solving skills. When children learn to master a skill or technique, especially one that seems difficult or even scary at first, it gives them an incredible boost to their self-esteem.

Kids with high self-esteem have a better understanding of their self-worth and a healthier outlook on life in general.

3. Increases global awareness.

As every diver knows, you must be aware not only of yourself while diving but the environment around you. Since most children are still fairly self-centric, being tasked with paying attention to themselves, their buddy and their gear, helps develop a greater sense of global awareness.

Kids and teens can take these lessons with them out into the real world to become better friends, peers, and family members.


4. Gets them off electronics.

Every parent would love to see their kids spend more time off their phones or gaming systems. Taking your kids diving is an excellent way to engage your kids in something other than Tik Tok, Fortnite, and Snap Chat.

It gets them outside, where their bodies can absorb some much-needed vitamin D and fresh air.

5. Promotes curiosity.

Kids and teens that have a natural curiosity about the world around them are far more engaging than those who do not. When we want to learn more about various things in the world, our outlook on life is healthier.

This natural curiosity also promotes better school grades as learning becomes enjoyable rather than a chore.

6. Increases environmental awareness.

Cultivating a love for the ocean and all the creatures living in it sets a solid foundation for your kids to be conservation-minded.

We protect what we love, so introducing them to the aquatic world at a young age sets them up to live their entire lives with environmental awareness at the forefront of their minds.

Teaching the next generation the importance of preserving our natural resources is the best way we can help save our oceans.


7. Teamwork.

Learning to work as a team is an invaluable tool that your kids will utilize their entire lives, especially when they enter the workforce.

By depending on a buddy and working together throughout the dive, kids gain experience collaborating with another person.

It also offers them experience practicing awareness of someone else’s needs in addition to their own.

8. Epic family vacations.

Planning awesome family vacations is probably the most appealing aspect of teaching your kids to dive. What better way to spend family time together than at a beautiful ocean-side resort in the tropics?

There are so many places you can take your kids diving on vacation. Get ready for fantastic adventures diving in the Caribbean, exploring French Polynesia’s idyllic islands, scuba diving in Hawaii and more! You are limited only by your imagination.

If you want to bond as a family, help your kids gain valuable life skills, or visit awe-inspiring destinations, teaching your kids to dive is a great idea.

SSI makes it extremely easy for your kids to start learning to dive today! They can work through the student materials on their phone or iPad and at times that are convenient for them.

Simply find your nearest SSI Training Center and get started. It is the beginning of a family adventure you will never forget!