Diving in Oberösterreich

With an area of about 12,000 square kilometers (7456 square miles), Oberösterreich, also known as ‘Upper Austria’, deriving its name from the predecessor territory, the Archduchy of Austria ob der Enns, part of the Habsburg hereditary lands. Oberösterreich is as famous for its string of beautiful lakes as it is for its thermal springs of drinking water. Set on the border with Bavaria (Germany), South Bohemia (Czech Republic) as well as Lower Austria, you can take your pick from bathing lakes, from glorious Lake Mondsee, which is known as the warmest reaching 26C (79F) in summer, to vast Lake Hallstatt, with one of the largest fish populations in the region. The beautiful mountain scenery here creates a wonderful setting, with the chance to combine walking and cycling routes along with a whole host of watersports beyond diving. With steep face-dives, thrilling rock formations and tangled roots sheltering a whole variety of sea life, some lakes are crystal clear, others are darkened by plankton and yet others feature car wrecks and even an old phone box. You can take your pick of a host of different dive entry points at various lakes and explore the amazing mix of sites in Oberösterreich.

Dive Sites in Oberösterreich

Featured places to go in Oberösterreich


An El Dorado for both beginners and experienced divers, this lake is home to fascinating steep walls off the south and east shores

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Austria’s largest lake has a unique topography and numerous dive sites, from wrecks in the shallow waters to a steep wall.

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n the border between Upper Austria and Salzburg, the Mondsee is the warmest lake in the region and very rich in fish

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Hallstätter See

One of the Austria’s premier dive sites, this lake is filled with fascinating things to see and explore.

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Lake Gosausee, with its towering Dachstein massif in the background, is one of the most famous sights in Upper Austria.

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In Langbathsee you are diving in pure spring water surrounded by stunning peaks, which of course means you can enjoy impeccable conditions.

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This is your chance to try river diving, enjoying the currents, narrow caves, unexpected overhangs, graceful grottos and sparkling waterfalls in Traunfall.

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Pichlinger See

You can dive the clear waters and enjoying seeing everything from perch and zander right through to pike and carp in the Pichlinger See.

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Aquatic Life in Upper Austria

In Oberösterreich, the lakes promise a mix of biological, archaeological and geological wonders, making every dive interesting. Clear karst springs are teeming with fish, while wrecks under the water create a treasure trove of sights. Under the water’s surface lie 7,000 years of history. You can find underwater trees that date back as far as 400 AD as well as pike, whitefish and trout, as well as perch and eel. There are dive sites to suit all levels of diver, providing points of interest and surprisingly warm waters during the summer months.