The Platinum Pro Foundation
In 1997, a non-profit foundation was established as a legacy on behalf of the Platinum Pros. The foundation is a vehicle for the pros to give back to the industry they founded and the sport they love. Its mission is “to educate young people about the oceans and waters of the world.”

The Platinum Pro Foundation has a number of programs designed to involve children in scuba and to make science fun by applying it to scuba diving. The foundation works with Boys and Girls Clubs throughout the United States and with local dive retailers to offer scholarships to at-risk and low-income youths

Many children have gained confidence in their abilities and enlightenment about careers and recreational opportunities through the foundation’s efforts. To pay for these programs, the foundation conducts ongoing fundraising activities including; individual gifts, corporate sponsorships, grant writing and special event fund raisers through dive shops and at the annual DEMA show..

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