Join the Silent World with Rebreather Diving

Whether you are looking to extend your bottom time, get close to marine life, or enjoy the thrill of exploring deep reefs, wrecks, and caves – SSI’s rebreather programs provide the training and experience necessary to complete your new adventure with confidence, skill, and safety. Enjoy the benefits of rebreather diving like limited bubbles, reduced gas use, and extended dive times. SSI has an extensive compilation of globally recognized rebreather programs to cater to every divers need. From the entry-level diver looking to join the silent world and experience their first rebreather breaths with the new Mares Horizon semi-closed rebreather to the experienced rebreather user looking to push their limits with ccr diving on a rEvo, JJ, SF2, AP Inspiration, or Poseidon unit, SSI has it covered. With training available from 30 meters / 100ft to 100 meters / 330 feet SSI has the perfect rebreather product for you.

Explore unlimited freedom with the Extended Range Rebreather Programs

Like SSI’s Extended Range Open Circuit programs, those interested in rebreather diving can take all of the same programs using a CE-certified rebreather unit. SSI caters each training program to fit the rebreather unit you choose from a list of SSI-approved rebreathers. Start SSI Extended Range Rebreather on an SCR or go straight to CCR diving and get certified to decompression dive to 45 meters. Want to go deeper? Go decompression diving up to 60 meters deep as an SSI CCR Technical Extended Range diver or dive to 100 meters by taking the SSI CCR Hypoxic Trimix course.

Featured destinations ideal for rebreather diving

Proper skills and experience are your ticket to dive the world’s best dive sites. MyDiveGuide connects divers to the world’s largest Dive Site Database with more than 10,000+ named dive sites, including Wildlife Maps. Here are some of the world’s Top Dive Sites for Extended Range Rebreather Divers. Go explore, seek thrilling underwater experiences, and create amazing lifetime memories with fantastic sidemount, technical diving, and hypoxic trimix adventures using a rebreather.