Rebreather Diving

Rebreather diving is a sport for true adventurers who know no limits. Are you ready for this ultimate adventure? Dive into the world of rebreathers with the SSI SCR Diving certification. This entry-level course provides all you need to go semi-closed rebreather (SCR) diving to 30 meters using the Mares Horizon rebreather. Your next step is to learn about advanced SCR diving methods, sharpen your in-water skills, and go decompression diving up to 40 meters deep, with the SSI SCR Extended Range certification. Do you dream of experiencing the silence only closed-circuit rebreather (CCR) diving can provide? Experience bubble-free diving up to 30 meters with the SSI CCR Diving program. Go where few others dive! Become an SSI Technical Extended Range Diver and conduct decompression dives up to 60 meters deep. Ready to take it all the way? Become an SSI CCR Hypoxic Trimix Diver and you can go decompression diving up to 100 meters deep! Start your SSI rebreather dive courses today!