Become a Freediving Instructor

Freediving is the world’s fastest-growing underwater sport. Get in on the action and become an SSI Freediving Instructor Today! Do you dream of spending your days exploring the underwater world on a single breath? Pushing yourself to new levels of underwater breath holding and teaching others to as well in a freediving course? If you want to live a life full of adventure, then become a Freediving Instructor. Depending on your previous SSI training, you can become a Freediving Assistant Instructor, Freediving Level 1, or Level 2 instructor in no time. Then, expand your skills by taking a higher-level freediving course and core specialty programs. If every freediving course you teach becomes your passion, join the most elite in underwater breath holding by taking yourself to the highest SSI training levels with the Freediving Instructor Trainer course. A lifetime of underwater adventure starts here. Become an ambassador of the freediving lifestyle with SSI today!