Become a certified Freediver

Are you ready for the ultimate way to explore underwater? Start freediving and experience the ocean in an exciting new way as you explore pristine dive sites on a single breath. With no heavy equipment, you will move underwater with ease and find a complete sense of becoming one with the ocean. Learning to freedive is much easier than you think with our range of recreational freediving programs for all ages.

Get certified as a freediver

The SSI Freediving Level 1 program is the best first step to take and certifies you to freedive with a buddy in open water to a depth of 20 meters. If you do not have time for our Freediving Level 1 program, join the SSI Basic Freediving program and get certified to freedive safely with your buddy in a pool or confined water up to a depth of 5 meters. You can upgrade easily to the Freediving Level 1 certification at any time. If you love freediving, which we know you will, continue your journey with our freediving specialty programs and discover competitive freediving and more.


Learn how to snorkel with the SSI Snorkel Diver program. Discover all you need to go snorkeling and experience the wonders of the ocean! Get started with SSI today!


Try Freediving

The SSI Try Freediving course gives you a wonderful and quick glimpse into the world of breath-hold diving, whilst you go freediving with an SSI Professional in confined water. Start your journey to become a freediver today!


Basic Freediving

Discover the freedom and tranquility that keep freedivers returning to the water. Learn how to go freediving with this essential freediver training and earn your SSI Basic Freediving certification! Your adventures as a freediver begin here!


Freediving Level I

Join the SSI Freediving Level 1 course and learn how to freedive with a buddy in open water environments to a depth of 20 meters. Your global freediving adventures begin here!


Upgrade your Training

Upgrade your training experience with a perfect match! The following programs can be combined with your Freediving Level 1 training. Skills and experience are your tickets to dive the world’s best dive sites. When you complete a certain number of Specialty Programs and Logged Dive Sessions, you will also automatically earn the SSI Recognition Ratings – SSI Specialty Freediver, SSI Advanced Freediver and SSI Master Freediver. Start your SSI Specialty training right away and earn recognition as you become a safe and comfortable freediver!

Featured Destinations ideal for Freediving Beginner

Check out MyDiveGuide; the world’s largest dive site database of more than 10,000 dive sites, including wildlife maps and thrilling specialist dives. Discover idyllic destinations where you can start freediving and get certified as a freediver. Combine a holiday with your training and create a lifetime experience you will never forget. Start planning today!