Extended Range Open Circuit

Whether you are looking to extend your bottom time, enjoy the thrill of exploring deeper reefs, or gain buoyancy control mastery, SSI’s Extended Range Open Circuit programs provide the training and experience necessary to begin your new adventure in technical diving confidently and safely. SSI has an extensive compilation of globally recognized open circuit programs to cater to every divers need. Train to fit into confined spaces with a sidemount configuration in the Extended Range Sidemount Diving program or enjoy the benefits of increased gas volume by diving with a twinset. As an SSI advanced diver, you can take an open circuit course that will certify you to dive from 45 meters down to 100 meters safely. Begin your SSI technical diving adventure online today!

Estendi il tuo raggio d’azione con corsi in circuito aperto

Con la gamma di corsi SSI Extended Range in circuito aperto, puoi realizzare tutti i tuoi sogni di immersione tecnica e al ritmo che più ti si addice. Quando sei pronto, con un po’ di addestramento aggiuntivo, diventa un SSI Extended Range diver e ottieni la certificazione per andare in immersione con decompressione fino a 45 metri di profondità. Non è più sufficiente? Vai in immersione con decompressione, fino a 60 metri di profondità, come subacqueo SSI Technical Extended Range o immergiti fino a 100 metri con Hypoxic Trimix SSI.

Open Circuit Diving Featured Destinations

Proper skills and experience are your ticket to dive the world’s best dive sites. MyDiveGuide connects divers to the world’s largest Dive Site Database with more than 10,000+ named dive sites, including Wildlife Maps. Here are some of the world’s Top Dive Sites for Extended Range Open Circuit Divers. Go explore, seek thrilling underwater experiences, and create amazing lifetime memories with fantastic sidemount, technical diving, and hypoxic trimix adventures.