Accept the challenge! Become a certified Lifeguard

If you are comfortable in and around water and want to make a difference to peoples’ lives, join the SSI Lifeguard team. Being a lifeguard is a fun, rewarding job, and as a professional SSI Lifeguard, you can join water safety teams around the world or make lifeguarding your full-time career. Do not stop training! Further your career by becoming an SSI Swim Teacher or SSI Basic Freediving Instructor and reach higher training levels from there. Whatever your passion is, we have an SSI training program that fits your needs! Start building your solid base for a SSI Professional career today.

Get certified as a lifeguard

Our internationally recognized SSI Lifeguard program is the best way to start and become a lifeguard for pools or waterparks. You will learn all you need to confidently supervise, assist and rescue victims in pool and waterpark environments, and earn the SSI Lifeguard certification. Not already 18 years old? No problem! You will be certified as a Water Safety Attendant and get your upgrade as Pool Lifeguard as soon as you turn eighteen. Love lifeguarding? Upgrade your certification with additional training and become an SSI Inland Open Water Lifeguard, an SSI Beach Lifeguard or even a Lifeguard Instructor.

Do you want to save lives and learn exciting new Lifeguard skills including communication, problem solving and teamwork? Become a professional SSI Lifeguard with this internationally recognized program. Start making a difference today!

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Diventa un Professional

Continue your lifeguard career by becoming a Lifeguard Instructor. Alternatively combine your training with SSI Swim by joining an SSI Swim Teacher Instructor Course to graduate as a Swim Teacher. Becoming an SSI Professional is just the beginning of an exciting career pathway.

Featured Destinations ideal for Lifeguard Training

Check out MyDiveGuide, a unique database of more than 10,000 dive sites, wildlife maps and incredible destinations. Here you will find top places to complete your lifeguard certifications and get inspired for your next adventure! Why not combine learning how to become a lifeguard with a vacation the whole family can enjoy. Start creating the experience of a lifetime today!

Immersioni in Germania

La Germania è una nazione di subacquei con il Mar Baltico, innumerevoli laghi alpini con acque cristalline e centri di immersione al coperto.

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Immersioni alle Hawaii

Ogni possibile tipo di avventura si può trovare nelle Hawaii "paradiso tropicale", tra cui scogliere frastagliate, vulcani attivi e acque cristalline color turchese.

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Immersioni in Turchia

Le grandi località per le immersioni in Turchia si trovano rispettivamente sulla costa occidentale e meridionale del Mar Mediterraneo Egeo.

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Immersioni in Italia

L'Italia è una penisola dell'Europa meridionale, notoriamente a forma di stivale, circondata da tre parti del Mediterraneo, che offre vari siti di immersione.

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Immersioni nelle Filippine

Le Filippine sono un arcipelago composto da oltre 7.000 isole in tre regioni principali: Luzon, Visayas e Mindanao.

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Immersioni alle Maldive

Un'isola nazione situata al largo della costa sud-occidentale dell'India nell'Oceano Indiano, le Maldive sono composte da 26 diverse scogliere a forma di anello chiamate atolli.

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Immersioni in Egitto

La Repubblica Araba d'Egitto è un paese che si trova nell'angolo nord-est dell'Africa, sul Mar Mediterraneo a nord e sul Mar Rosso a est.

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