Extended Range Open Circuit Instructor

If you want to teach Extended Range (XR) diving and enhance your dive career, become an Open-Circuit Instructor with SSI. With our broad range of Open-Circuit Instructor certifications, there are no limits to your technical diving instructor goals. Take your dive career to the next level and become an ambassador for this exciting sport.

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Facts and Training Standards

Technical diving is a growing market, and it can only get better with you! Your Open-Circuit Instructor journey begins with the SSI Extended Range Instructor course. This essential core program provides the knowledge, skills and experience you need to conduct the SSI Extended Range Diving program.

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Minimum Age for Participation 18
Certification Prerequisites Not applicable / mandatory
Amount of Academic Sessions 4
Amount of Pool/Confined Water Sessions 1
Amount of Open Water Dives 2
Maximum Training Depth 45m / 145ft

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Certification options for Open-Circuit Instructors

Your technical diving instructor adventure starts with the SSI Extended Range Instructor course, but it does not end there! Undertake some additional training to become an SSI Technical Extended Range Instructor and teach your students two-gas switch decompression diving to 60 meters.

Ready for the ultimate in exploration? Become an SSI Hypoxic Trimix Instructor and train divers to go multiple-gas switch, multiple-stop decompression diving to depths of up to 100 meters! With these certifications, you can make all your tec diving dreams a reality and explore further than you ever thought possible.

And if you want to refresh your dive skills before starting your Extended Range Instructor journey, join the SSI Extended Range Foundations program. In this workshop-style course, you will polish your buoyancy, trim, stability, propulsion and teamwork skills to the highest level using Extended Range Total Diving Systems and procedures.