Variable Weight

Have fun in this variable weight freediving course by taking off your weights and eliminate stress from your deep dives. Discover new depths and set new freediving records by configuring a safe and efficient variable weight set up. Earn your SSI Variable Weight Freediving Specialty certification now, and start planning your next deep adventure.

Datos y estándares de formación

Discovering new depths has never been this fun and safe before. The SSI Variable Weight Freediving Specialty will show you how to properly execute a deep dive using specialized equipment to set new personal freediving records. The variable weight freediving course is great fun and teaches common techniques to equalize at greater depths. It will also help you become mentally accustomed to diving deeper using less effort.

Edad Mínima para Participar 15
Disponible como programa para niños No
Edad mínima (programa para niños) No es obligatorio/no corresponde
Requisitos previos de participación No es obligatorio/no corresponde
Cantidad de Sesiones Académicas 2
Cantidad de Sesiones de Piscina/Aguas Confinadas No es obligatorio/no corresponde



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