Gobblers Cove

Gobblers cove is houseboat central. Every weekend tons of houseboats come to camp and hang out. With an average depth of 20-30 feet, it is the ideal place to locate lost items.

The cove does not conatin a lot of marine life beacuse of the constant boat traffic. A SMB and reel is HIGHLY recommended in conjuction with a visible dive flag.

Affiliated Training Center

Dive sites nearby

Jakes Point



East of The Swings Party Cove

Oswalt Bluff on Table Rock Lake. This is just east of The Swings Party Cove on Google Maps. This site has rock bluffs with a gradual descent. This Site is great for new and experienced divers.


Rock Island

Island only accessible by boat, but you can park and shore dive. The average depth around island is 20-30 feet, deepest part can be 132 feet only on the North-East side.


Beaver Lake Dam Site #1



Scuba Park, Beaver Lake



West Wall Bluffs

West Wall Buffs的东侧有一堵墙,西侧是一个斜坡。受到当地游泳者、浮潜者和潜水者的欢迎。水下森林从墙的底部开始。这是一个很好的地点,可以在下一次海洋旅行前练习壁式潜水和完美浮力。


DiVentures Pool

The 25-yard heated pool ranging in depth from 3.5 to 14 feet is a great place to learn new skills or to refresh on old ones. Indoor pool and surrounding air temperature steady 88-90, so leave your drysuit at home!


Bull Shoals

Bull Shoals Lake is an artificial lake or reservoir in the Ozark Mountains of northern Arkansas and southern Missouri. It has hundreds of miles of lake arms and coves. Bull Shoals Lake impounds the White River for the last time as water travels toward its mouth on the Mississippi River.


Lake Flint Creek



Bennett Springs

This is a natural spring system that is open to any open water diver. Cave certification is NOT needed. Cold spring water flows out from the underground system to the mouth of the caves. There is a sign signifying not to go past a certain point where advanced training in cave diving is required.