SSI China's Inspiring World Oceans Day Event

As restrictions eased within China throughout June, SSI made big plans to celebrate World Oceans Day this year. In conjunction with iLab China and Explore Dive Center, SSI coordinated a 3-day special event based on Weizhou Island starting June 6th, culminating in a celebration of World Oceans Day on June 8, 2020.

SSI China's inspiring 3-day event for World Oceans Day.

Separated into two parts, a coral planting event organized by SSI China took place first, followed by an unprecedented nationwide clean-up effort. This second part of the celebration was supported by all SSI Training Centers in China, who organized clean-ups and Blue Oceans workshops throughout the country over these three days.

Coral planting on the Island of Weizhou.

A vast number of participants braved the though spring tides to take part in this special event. SSI divers showed up from all over to learn how to plant coral. Coral planting groups consisted of scuba divers, dive professionals, freedivers, and freediving professionals. The coral planting event started with a detailed presentation by the Guangxi University's School of Marine Sciences, who also sponsored the coral fragments for planting. The planting process was taught in extreme detail due to the coral’s vulnerable nature when planting and complicated underwater planting process. In addition to planting, participants learned about the coral’s lifespan and the main contributors harming coral populations in today’s oceans. During the dive, more than 600 coral fragments were planted, even though conditions were difficult. All the participants were thrilled with their work and are very excited to visit their newly planted coral again next year! SSI and the School of Marine Sciences, Guangxi University, plan to run another event this July when dive conditions improve. This will be for up to 200 divers that may have missed the World Oceans Day event due to weather conditions. READ MORE: THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO BEING AN ECO-DIVER.

Join SSI for World Oceans Day 2021.

Due to the overwhelming success of this World Oceans Day event in China, SSI is looking forward to running more events similar to this, in conjunction with the free SSI Blue Oceans program, on a worldwide basis in 2021. With the support of SSI and SSI Training Centers all over the globe, we can make a substantial impact for a healthier ocean and a better future for our environment! DISCOVER FEATURED PLACES TO GO DIVING IN ASIA. Coral PLanting during the World Oceans Day All World Oceans Day participants planted corals