Diving in Oshikoto

All diving in Oshikoto is done inland, which means it is done in large sinkhole lakes that were formed when dolomite caves collapsed, making this a unique diving destination. This is a unique hidden gem, so you’ll be able to find uncrowded dive sites. The dive sites you simply can’t miss are Lake Otjikoto, Lake Guinas, Lake Harasib and Dragons Breath. Oshikoto is named after Lake Otjikoto, one of the two permanent natural lakes of Namibia, and is only one of the 14 regions of the country. The other permanent natural lake is Lake Guinas; this is a sinkhole lake that reaches a depth of 130 meters (426.5 feet). The best time of year to travel to this area is from April to November when the conditions for diving are the best. This region is home to some endemic fish species such as the Otjikoto tilapia, also known as the Tilapia guinasana, which is an endangered fish that comes in many different colours such as black, blue, green, yellow and white. Oshikoto has crystalline waters with excellent visibility and a good average temperature. You’ll be able to explore underwater caves and swim-throughs. This region is best for technical divers and travelers who enjoy thrilling experiences.

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