Become a Lifeguard with SSI

The internationally recognized SSI Lifeguard program is the best way to become a professional lifeguard for pools or waterparks. With personalized academic and in-water training, you will learn all you need to supervise, assist and rescue victims in pool and waterpark environments. Upon completion, you will earn the SSI Lifeguard certification and be ready to join a professional lifeguard team.

Learn to Swim and become a Lifeguard with SSI

SSI was the first training agency to create structured training programs for Swim and Lifeguard. With more than 3,300 Training Centers in over 130 countries and 50,000 plus Professionals, it is easy to learn swimming or to become a Lifeguard with SSI wherever you choose.

A progressive approach to personalized training and a close cooperation of all SSI affiliated Professionals and Training Centers and Resorts around the world ensures you will have access to global career opportunities. SSI´s Professional network is growing every day. We look forward to working with you and welcoming you to the SSI Professional community!


Digital Learning & Academics

SSI has mastered the use of digital technology to make your learning experience easy.

You can start by studying the academics anytime, anywhere at your own convenience and your selected Training Center will schedule your review and in-water training sessions.


In-Water Training

During the pool/confined water training, your SSI Instructor will teach you all the necessary skills in a controlled environment until you are comfortable and ready to go to the open water. During the open water training dives, you will apply your knowledge and repeat the skills in a real-world environment under the supervision of your Instructor.



Once you have completed all required training sessions, final exam and open water training dives, your SSI Training Center will issue your digital certification card which will show up instantly on your MySSI App.

We congratulate you on your accomplishment and welcome you to SSI’s global diving community.



Мінімальний вік


Amount of Academic Sessions


Amount of Pool/Confined Water Sessions

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Maximum Training Depth


Рекомендована тривалість (год)

Save Lives, be a Hero!

Here are the benefits you can expect from attending this training program:

Learn the skills required to perform rescues

Gather the fitness needed to safely aid swimmers

Gain the confidence to provide assistance in water emergencies


Register free and start training right away!

To get started, simply create a free user profile at or directly through the MySSI App and you will get immediate access to SSI’s free trial programs. During registration you will need to select an SSI Training Center to affiliate with to guide you through the training process. Just check the Center Locator for your Center of choice, their upcoming training schedule, travel, and social events, and much more.

Просто завантажте додаток MySSI з улюбленого магазину програм, створіть свій профіль і відкрийте для себе світ дайвінгу з наступними перевагами:

Миттєвий безкоштовний доступ до пробних програм SSI та Blue Oceans

Довічний доступ до ваших цифрових навчальних матеріалів і сертифікатів

Цифровий журнал із тисячами дайв-сайтів по всьому світу та потенційними спостереженнями тварин

Останні події, новини, відео та багато іншого


From Water Safety Attendant up to Beach Lifeguard

With our flexible professional Lifeguard training, you can choose an SSI Lifeguard certification to meet your ambitions! Learn how to become a lifeguard and assist Lifeguards as an SSI Water Safety Attendant, become an SSI Pool Lifeguard for pools and waterparks, or challenge yourself to be an SSI Inland Open Water Lifeguard at lakes and rivers. For the ultimate Lifeguard experience, do not miss the SSI Beach Lifeguard certification course.

More Information

Training Prerequisites

SSI Entry-Level Programs – Open Water Diver, Freediving Level 1, or Mermaid require students to complete a water fitness evaluation prior to open water training. The goal of this evaluation is to determine a comfort level baseline consisting of:

Swim Assessment

Survival Float

Technical Requirements

To start training, students must create a MySSI profile. This can either be done via the SSI website at or by installing the MySSI App.

Simply download the app for either iOS or Android, set up the user profile, and access the world of diving in minutes! The MySSI App safely stores everything in one place, online or offline – training materials, logbook, and certification cards. This includes Recreational Scuba, Extended Range, Freediving and Mermaid.

Training Center Selection & Affiliation

Every student must select an SSI Training Center as their “Training Partner” during the course registration process. Affiliation ensures personalized service and a high-quality training experience.

Students can also change affiliation or choose to affiliate with multiple Training Centers in their user profile. When affiliating with a Training Center online or via the MySSI App, a Privacy Policy Agreement will be processed to comply with GDPR regulations.

Medical & Administrative Requirements

Each student or candidate must complete the required SSI Training Record Forms prior to participating in any SSI training program. The forms for minors must be reviewed and signed by a parent or guardian.

Responsible Diver Code

Diver Medical Statement & Questionnaire or Physician’s Approval to Dive (where required)

Training Assumption of Risk, Liability Release, & Liability Release, & Hold Harmless Agreement (where required / not applicable within the European Union)

Program-specific Completion Record (done by the Instructor prior to certification)

Training Course Costs

Training consists of various components which are either charged singly or as a package depending on the selected Training Center. The components are:

Training Materials / Digital Kit

Tuition for Academics and In-Water Training

Open Water Training Dives


Featured Destinations ideal for Lifeguard Training

Swimming is an essential life skill that brings families together and keeps children – and adults - safe in and around water for a lifetime. Learn how to swim with SSI. You will be safe, have fun and open up a world of water-related experiences! Start swimming with SSI now!

Німеччина є країною дайверів з Балтійським морем, незліченними високогірними озерами з кришталево чистою водою і критим дайвінг-центрами.

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Кожен можливий тип пригод можна знайти в "тропічному раю" Гаваї в тому числі драматичні зубчасті скелі, Діючі вулкани і чіткі бірюзові води.

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Великі місця для дайвінгу в Туреччині лежать на західних і південних берегах в Егейському Середземному морі відповідно.

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Італія – це півострів у південній Європі, який має форму чобітка і оточений трьома частинами Середземного моря, де є різноманітні місця для дайвінгу.

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Філіппіни є Архіпелаг складається з більш ніж 7 000 островів в трьох основних регіонах: Лусон, Віпайї і Мінданао.

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Острівна держава, розташована від Південно-західного узбережжя Індії в Індійському океані, Мальдіви складається з 26 різних кільцевих рифів, званих, атолів.

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Арабська Республіка Єгипет - це країна, яка розташована в північно-східній частині Африки на Середземному морі на півночі та Червоному морі на сході.

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