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1545 Logged Dives

House Reef Biser (Moscenicka Draga)

In the town of Moscenika Draga beach, locally known as Sipar beach, is a shore entry beach dive. It is accessed directly from the beach. The dive site is mainly within the protected swimming lines but the deeper section consists of a steep sandy slope extending down beyond 22 then shelving till 40m.

The fish can be as much as Seahorses, Wrasse, Flounders, Stargazers, Barracuda, Starfish, Sea urchins. Not forgetting Nudibranchs, Squid, Octopus and many Adriatic species.


This data is provided from the logbook information in the MySSI app


  • Parete/Drop Off
  • Drift Diving
  • Immersione Notturna
  • Fotografia subacquea
  • Stazione di Pulizia
  • Caverna/Grotta
  • Snorkeling


  • Principiante
  • Advanced
  • Esperto


  • Extended Range (XR)
  • Freediving
  • Scuba


  • Costa/Spiaggia
  • Boat

Corpo d’Acqua

  • Salata


  • NO

Maximum Depth

  • 19m


  • 14m
This data is provided by divers logging their dives in the mySSI App


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