P-555 (Wreck)

This Submarine P-555 is lying upright on the seabed at 39m. This wreck is pretty much intact. It sank on 28 April 1947. With 4x21in bow torpedo tubes and a 3in AA gun, this is a great dive for any submarine enthusiast with a Deep or Extended Range Diver Speciality.

There are usually large shoals of fish around here. Keep an eye out of conger eels and crabs. Lots of flora on the wreck too.

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Dive sites nearby

UB-74 (Wreck)

UB-74 was a German submarine, sunk on 26 May 1918. The wreck sits at 34m. 182ft long she was sunk by a depth charge from an armed yacht called Lorna. A great wreck to dive when the tides allow.

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Frogner was a Norwegian steamship that sank 25th April 1918. The depth is at 35m. It’s been extensively salvaged but still a great wreck to dive, although it’s deep location makes it best for advanced divers.

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Balaclava Bay

Starting on a 6m ledge, this is a great site for drift dives. By swimming away from the shore, divers can choose their depth, though most of the interesting stuff is in the shallower region.

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M2 (Wreck)

Very popular dive, however limited because of it’s position and the local currents and tides. Lying upright on the sea bed at a depth of around 32m and going up to around 18m.

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Spaniard/Encuri (Wreck)

Just inside the outer breakwater, this is another fantastic wreck for beginners, or those wanting somewhere to check out gear, test skills, or just head out for an ’easy’ dive. Max depth is 14m, going up to 7m.

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Bombarden Unit (Wreck)

This wreck sank in two sections, the second section is about 150 yards to the southeast. Large metal tanks and some flat sheets can be seen. It sits at 12m deep in a soft, silty bed with the wreck standing around 3m high.

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Elena R (Wreck)

Greek steamship sunk on 22nd November 1939. Lies at a depth of 27m and stands around 7m high in places. Surrounded by loose sandy gravel and strong currents. Be careful to get the right dive times.

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Ethel (Wreck)

Ethel was a British steamship, torpedoed by German Sub-UB-104 on 16 September 1918, and was one of the last casualties of WWI. Depth is 36m on a sandy bed with good visibility.

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British Inventor (Wreck)

Fairly flat wreck, consisting of plates and other wreckage. Only the bow section of the ship sank, the rest was towed away and repaired. Depth is 17m on a mainly sand and gravel bottom.

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Alex Van Opstel (Wreck)

This wreck was a Belgian Passenger liner sunk by a mine on 15 Sept 1939. The depth is around 27m. Strong currents exist in the area so it must be dived during slack tide! The stern section broke off and is now located around 100m from the rest of the wreck.

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