Diving in Shikoku

Scuba diving in the Shikoku region is possible year-round, with most dive sites less than a 15-minute boat ride away. Shallow sites can also be accessed from shore in some areas and are great for beginners. Shikoku attracts divers from Kanto, the Kansai and Kyushu areas, and around the world. This island is a nature lovers paradise and a great place to get away from the crowds. In between dives you can explore the natural whirlpools in Naruto, narrow mountain roads, endless waterfalls, and breathtaking scenery. Thanks to the Kuroshio Current, ocean temperatures stay warm even through the winter months. With many small islands dotting the coastline and varied terrain, there is no shortage of places to dive. The underwater topography is full of exciting pinnacles, drop-offs, and arches. These sub-tropical waters are a great place to see large areas of table coral swarming with colorful tropical fish. Due to the nutrient-rich current, divers in Shikoku can see a mix of more than 1,000 tropical and temperate species. The diversity of marine life found here makes diving in Shikoku popular amongst biologists and photographers. Locals have even nicknamed this area the sacred place of Japanese macro creatures.

Dive Sites in Shikoku

Aquatic Life in Shikoku

More than 1,000 different species of marine animals have been identified in this area, many of which are fairly rare. Thanks to the warm Kuroshio Current, this area is home to a unique mix of both tropical and temperate creatures. In shallow waters table corals are extensively colonized and teeming with colorful tropical fish. Summer to autumn is a great time to see migratory fish such as amberjacks and rainbow runners congregating in large schools, and over 100 species of sea slugs can be found in the winter and spring. Other beautiful schooling fish include damselfish and sea goldies.