Try Freediving

Experimenta la máxima sensación de libertad y emoción con el programa de Try Freediving de SSI. Aprender las bases de la apnea es más sencillo de lo que crees. Este programa te muestra los conceptos y las habilidades básicas que todo apneísta debe conocer. Podrás probar la apnea en aguas confinadas con un profesional de SSI y obtener tu tarjeta de reconocimiento de Try Freediving de SSI.

Datos y estándares de formación

Al no tener que llevar equipo pesado, la apnea te ofrece la máxima libertad de movimiento bajo el agua. Es la forma más pura de buceo y te hace sentir que estás en armonía con el océano. Es una sensación incomparable. En el programa de Try Freediving podrás experimentar la apnea en aguas confinadas y descubrir por qué los apneístas aman este deporte. Inscríbete hoy mismo y descubre al apneísta que llevas dentro.

Edad Mínima para Participar 10
Disponible como programa para niños Si
Edad mínima (programa para niños) No es obligatorio/no corresponde
Requisitos previos de participación No es obligatorio/no corresponde
Cantidad de Sesiones Académicas 3
Cantidad de Sesiones de Piscina/Aguas Confinadas 1
Cantidad de Inmersiones en Aguas Abiertas No es obligatorio/no corresponde
Máxima Profundidad de Formación No es obligatorio/no corresponde

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Get Certified as a Freediver

You are about to embark on one of the greatest adventures of your life. Becoming a freediver is the first step on a journey that will forever change the way you experience the world. You will explore the wonders of a weightless underwater world, interact with incredible marine life and discover ecosystems hidden beneath the surface.

We recommend you start your freediver training right away by shooting for Freediving Level 1, your entry ticket to dive the world’s best dive sites.

Start Freediving with SSI

Scuba Schools International (SSI) began in 1970 and today we are the name to trust in the freediving industry. We represent more than 3,300 training centers and resorts in over 130 countries and have over 50,000 affiliated SSI Professionals and growing every day.

We want you to be a safe and confident freediver who can explore underwater environments with ease, and our training reflects that. With our uncompromising methodology, SSI freediving certification programs are always of the highest standard, helping you become the best freediver possible. We know many dive sites require different skills, knowledge, experience and equipment and we have a range of SSI freediving programs to meet those needs.

There is an SSI freediving course for nearly every dive environment and personal passion you might have. We work closely with our instructors, dive centers and resorts around the world, to ensure you get the best possible freediving experience wherever you choose to freedive.

Are you ready to start the adventure of a lifetime? Our freediving learning materials are available online and in more than 30 languages. Start your freediving journey with us today.

Featured Destinations ideal for Freediving Beginner

Check out MyDiveGuide; the world’s largest dive site database of more than 10,000 dive sites, including wildlife maps and thrilling specialist dives. Discover idyllic destinations where you can start freediving and get certified as a freediver. Combine a holiday with your training and create a lifetime experience you will never forget. Start planning today!