Model Mermaid

Strike the perfect pose, get the perfect shot! Discover underwater modeling and pose for in-water and surface mermaid shots. This mermaid course provides all you need to be a mermaid successfully with a photographer or videographer. Join the SSI Model Mermaid program now!


Do you want amazing photos or videos of yourself being a mermaid or merman? Are you ready to wow your family and friends? This is the best mermaid model course to learn the skills and concepts you need to successfully interact with a photographer or videographer as a mermaid. In this underwater modeling program, you will learn how to be a mermaid for in-water and surface shots, to capture your amazing mermaid moments! Discover a mermaid adventure the whole family can enjoy. Start your SSI Model Mermaid training today!

Idade Mínima para Participação 12
Available as Junior Program Sim
Minimum Age (Junior Program) Não aplicável / obrigatório
Pré-Requisitos para Certificação Não aplicável / obrigatório
Quantidade de Sessões Acadêmicas Não aplicável / obrigatório
Quantidade de Sessões de Piscina/Águas Confinadas Não aplicável / obrigatório
Quantidade de Mergulhos de Águas Abertas Não aplicável / obrigatório
Profundidade Máxima de Treinamento Não aplicável / obrigatório



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Become an advanced mermaid

As the first major agency to perfect mermaid training courses, SSI has the knowledge and experience to ensure you get the most out of this unique sport. With five decades of creating training programs for scuba diving, freediving and more, the SSI approach to mermaid swimming is extremely sophisticated and effective. Our personalized training, online sessions and in-water practice ensure you have the skills and knowledge you need to become a confident and safe mermaid or merman. You can learn at your own pace and have fun along the way with SSI mermaid courses. It is easy to go mermaiding with SSI wherever you choose.

We represent more than 3,300 training centers and resorts in 130 plus countries, with over 50,000 affiliated SSI Professionals and growing every day. Our globally recognized certifications are the best way to begin your lifelong adventure as a mermaid. Get started with SSI today.