Become a Lifeguard Instructor

Junte-se a um dos cursos de instrutor de nadador salvador da SSI hoje e obterá a certificação para treinar a próxima geração de nadadores salvadores e instrutores de nadador salvador! Como um instrutor profissional de nadador salvador da SSI, pode partilhar o seu conhecimento e paixão por salvar vidas e ensinar outras pessoas como obter a certificação de nadador salvador, para que possam começar a salvar vidas.

Become a Lifeguard Instructor

Being a Lifeguard Instructor is a fun and rewarding career, and as a professional SSI Lifeguard Instructor, you can join water safety teams around the world and make training lifeguards your full-time career. Looking for your next challenge? Upgrade your SSI certification with additional training and become an SSI Lifeguard Instructor Trainer! The internationally recognized SSI Lifeguard Instructor Trainer program provides the skills and knowledge you need to teach and certify all levels of the SSI Lifeguard and SSI Lifeguard Instructor courses. Ready for your next Lifeguard adventure? Get started with SSI today.

Aumente as suas Habilidades e progrida na sua carreira

Learning never stops! Continue your career by qualifying further in other training categories like Swim, Snorkeling and/or Freediving. Additional qualifications will provide you with more diversity and flexibility as well as at the same time opening up new income options. Becoming a Swim Teacher is just the beginning of an exciting career pathway.

Explore career opportunities for lifeguard professionals worldwide

Turn your lifeguard passion into a career and start living your dream lifestyle! MyDiveGuide is a unique database with featured destinations where SSI Lifeguard Instructors have fantastic job opportunities. This is where your exciting professional lifeguard career begins! Stop waiting and start exploring the world as a lifeguard trainer with SSI today!