Discover your inner dolphin and enjoy speed, power, and confidence as you dive. Become a monofin freediver today! The SSI Monofin course teaches all you need to freedive with a monofin, maximizing your underwater efficiency and performance.

Take your freediving to the next level by earning your SSI Monofin certification.

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Nature’s best freedivers have built-in monofins, like dolphins and whales. Learn to swim just as they do in this unique freediving course.

By mastering the monofin swimming technique, you will be able to move effortlessly through the water and enjoy the speed and comfort monofins offer. Discover your inner dolphin and earn your SSI Monofin certification.

You can credit your certification to achieving the coveted Master Freediving rating. Get started today!

참여 최소 연령 12
학과 세션 4
풀/제한 수역 세션 Not applicable / mandatory
개방 수역 다이빙 4
최대 수심 한계 Not applicable / mandatory

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Upgrade your training experience by taking more Specialty Programs and earning new freediving certifications. These are a perfect match to your current training! When you complete a certain number of Specialty Programs and Logged Dives, you will also automatically earn the SSI Recognition Ratings – SSI Specialty Freediver, SSI Advanced Freediver and SSI Master Freediver.

Continue your SSI specialty training right away and earn recognition as you become a safer and more comfortable diver!

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Scuba Schools International (SSI) began in 1970 and today we are the name to trust in the freediving industry. We represent more than 3,300 training centers and resorts in over 130 countries and have over 50,000 affiliated SSI Professionals and growing every day.

The experience that SSI has built in the last 5 decades of training divers has resulted in the most sophisticated and effective freediving education system there is. Our progressive and personalized training approach, combined with in-water practice sessions, ensures you have the skills and experience you need to reach your full potential. SSI’s globally recognized certifications are the best way to continue your lifelong freediving adventures.

There is an SSI freediving course for nearly every dive environment and personal passion you might have, and our freediving learning materials are available online, in more than 30 languages. By working closely with our instructors, dive centers and resorts around the world, we ensure you get the best possible freediving experience wherever you choose to freedive.

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