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Imagine leading divers through the underwater world you love, assisting instructors, or going all the way and becoming a diving trainer yourself. Begin a new, exciting career as a scuba instructor. Start today by taking the Dive Guide and Science of Diving courses to become a Divemaster. Next, become an Assistant Instructor, or immediately combine your training by joining an Assistant Instructor and Instructor Training Course (ITC) to qualify as an Open Water Instructor. Becoming a scuba instructor does not stop here! This is just the beginning of an exciting career pathway. Broaden your horizons by teaching various exciting dive specialties by becoming an SSI Specialty Instructor. SSI offers endless teaching opportunities all the way up to the ultimate dive professional rating, Instructor Trainer. Whether you dream of training future scuba instructors or just leading scuba divers on a tropical island, being a scuba instructor is a dream come true.

Start Your Divemaster Career

Continua la tua carriera diventando un Assistant Instructor, o migliora immediatamente la tua formazione partecipando a un Assistant Instructor e Instructor Training Course (ITC), per qualificarti come Open Water Instructor. Diventare un istruttore subacqueo è solo l’inizio di un eccitante percorso di carriera.

Gas Blender Nitrox/Trimix Instructor

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Aumenta le tue capacità per proseguire nella carriera

L’apprendimento non si ferma mai! Se sei pronto per altre avventure, immergiti oltre i limiti ricreativi con Extended Range, o impegnati nello sport definitivo dell’apnea. Le qualifiche aggiuntive ti forniranno una maggiore diversità e flessibilità, e allo stesso tempo ti apriranno nuove opzioni di guadagno. Diventare un istruttore subacqueo è solo l’inizio di un eccitante percorso di carriera.

Explore career opportunities for dive professionals worldwide

Stop waiting, start exploring the world and turn your passion into a career! MyDiveGuide is a unique dive site database with over 10,000 dive sites, thrilling specialist dives and featured destinations. These are the places where scuba instructors and divemasters have great job opportunities! Ready to live your ultimate dream? Check out MyDiveGuide and start your diving career today with SSI!