Diving in Regiao dos Lagos

One of the preferred regions for divers is the “Região dos Lagos, located in the state of Rio de Janeiro. “Costa Azul“ is one of the most famous sites here, and it has some of the most beautiful beaches in all Brazil. This place receives cold waters from the south currents of the Atlantic, making its waters nutrient rich and abundant in different marine species. The temperature in this region may vary a lot. Costa Azul is considered by many experts as the diving capital of Brazil, for its many dive centers and dive sites on it. Make sure you bring a camera, as the landscape on the surface is awe-inspiring. Head to the colonial city of Salvador, which is filled with baroque buildings, small hostels, and some fantastic restaurants. Shipwreck diving is one of the most popular activities sought by explorers in this region. Head to Arraial do Cabo for a more relaxing time as you sunbathe in its white sand beaches and swim in its crystalline waters; the best way to arrive at this place is by car or bus. Another must-visit site is Rio das Ostras, famous for its Jazz festival. Cabo Frio is one of the most important destinations in Brazil because of its history, beautiful beaches, warm weather, and incredible dive sites.

Dive Sites in Regiao dos Lagos

Featured places to go in Regiao dos Lagos

Cabo Frio

One of the most popular destinations after Arraial do Cabo, is Cabo Frio, with plenty of dive sites to explore.

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Armacao dos Buzios

Armaca dos Buzios is world-famous for being a luxury beach resort destination that offers excellent sites for diving.

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Arraial do Cabo

The best place for diving in the south of Brazil is Arraial do Cabo where you will find turquoise waters and a prosperous marine life

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Aquatic Life in Regiao dos Lagos

Marine life in the region of Costa Azul includes the common south Atlantic marine species, including lobsters, sea turtles and even some pelagic. You can also expect to encounter many other different species such as lobsters, squids, friendly dolphins, and rays. Some famous dive spots are Pontal do Atalaia, Armacao dos Buzios, Arraial do Cabo, and Cabo Frio. Dive into the waters of Regiao dos Lagos and explore the many caves, such as the Gruta Azul cave, and swim-throughs that this place has to offer; in your free time you can relax in one of the many beautiful beaches of the area.