Diving in Byblos-Batroun

The region of Byblos-Batroun is praised for its clear blue waters, which makes it a preferred place among divers. It is considered one of the regions with the best visibilities in Lebanon as it is subject to frequent currents that wash away the suspended particles in the water. This also makes it an excellent place for night diving, when you will find unique species such as flute fish. Byblos and Batroun are two ancient Phoenician cities, rich in cultural and historical landmarks from different eras such as the Roman Fort, the old souk and the Saint John Church in Byblos and the Phoenician City Wall and old souks in Batroun. In both cities, the Old Souks host cultural, historical, touristic, dining, drinking and nightlife attractions. Marine life is diverse in the region and includes octopus, eels, stingrays, a variety of sharks and even lobsters in April. Head to Joining beach to swim in underwater caves or White Beach for a more relaxed and quieter dive. The best months to travel are from April to September, when you will find the best water conditions for diving. With plenty of things to do both at land and at sea, this is an excellent place for a thrilling getaway.

Dive Sites to visit in Byblos-Batroun

Featured places to go in Byblos-Batroun

Batroun awaits with some spectacular, ancient shipwrecks underwater that lay at around 40m depth.

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Along the Amchit wall, there are dive spots which are suitable for all levels of divers and are easily reachable.

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Wildlife Encounters in Byblos-Batroun

The Byblos-Batroun region is well-known for its underwater walls and warm weather. In some spots, the walls start as shallow as 5 meters (16.4 feet) and can go as deep as 80 meters (262.4 fees), which makes the region suitable for all levels of divers. Underwater caves are also common in the area. Among the typical encounters you can expect are groupers, lionfish, stingrays, shoals of small fishes and turtles. Most dive centers are located in Batroun, where you can find many sunken ships covered in algae with little fish swimming around.