Diving in British Columbia

British Columbia is one of Canada’s most beautiful provinces, situated right along the Pacific Ocean on Canada’s west coast. This area is a nature lover’s paradise! Not only is the diving amazing but the land is covered in dense temperate rainforests, beautiful mountains, and the wild Pacific Ocean. Diving in British Columbia is like diving in an underwater world on steroids. The cold, nutrient rich waters of the Pacific Ocean create the perfect environment for marine life to thrive and grow big. That’s why this region is home to the giant pacific octopus, giant squid, and the giant jellyfish. Jacques Cousteau was quoted as saying that British Columbia was “the best temperate water diving in the world, and second only to the Red Sea.” Temperate may be a generous term as the water here is pretty chilly. Plan on the water temperature being around 45 – 55 degrees Fahrenheit, so come with your Dry Suit Diver certification. The visibility is good throughout most of the year. In the spring the plankton will bloom, causing visibility to decrease; however, the tradeoff is worth it. Large marine animals will come in to feed on the plankton, giving you a dive experience like no other. There’s plenty of shore diving to be had in areas like Victoria and the Sunshine Coast. More advanced divers won’t want to miss the circuit of shipwrecks using the BC Wreck Trek Passport, available for free at most dive stores.

Featured places to go in British Columbia

Vancouver Island

Home of British Columbia’s capital city Victoria, Vancouver Island has plentiful shore and boat dive sites.

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The bustling, fun city of Vancouver, located between mountains and ocean, make it a perfect place to admire awe-inspiring landscapes.

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Aquatic Life in British Columbia

The biodiversity in the Pacific waters here in British Columbia is like no other place on earth. Not only is the marine life in BC super-sized, but you will see creatures here you won’t see anywhere else. Play with a giant pacific octopus or a friendly sea lion or seal. Come face to face with wolf eels, huge cloud sponges, immense red sea fans, and soft coral, hydroids, and anemones every color of the rainbow. Be ready for large species encounters as well such as the basking shark, six-gill shark, lion’s main jellyfish, long-nose skate, and orcas.