Diving in Rongelap Atoll

Rongelap Atoll has just recently been reopened to divers, after years of being used as a nuclear testing site. Due to its isolation from human impact for 50 years, this atoll offers spectacular dive sites, with reefs that are in immaculate condition and that are home to an astounding fish population. Rongelap Atoll is a hidden gem for divers, with abundant awe-inspiring coral reefs that drop thousands of feet deep into the blue ocean. According to many marine scientists, Rongelap Atoll will soon become the next World Heritage site. Make sure to plan and do thorough research to book your expeditions as this is the most remote and difficult destination to access in the Marshall Islands. Be ready for a great adventure.

Dive Sites in Rongelap Atoll

Aquatic Life in Rongelap Atoll