Diving in El Quseir

El Quseir is an ancient city on the banks of the Red Sea in Eastern Egypt. It has been inhabited by humans for at least 5,000 years based on its proximity to the Nile River and to a major port in the Red Sea, making it an incredibly important city in the history of Egypt. It is sometimes referred to by its nickname, “the White Harbor”. Today, El Quseir has gained widespread popularity as an international resort town with sophisticated hotels, natural sandy beaches, crystal clear waters as well as stunning snorkeling and diving sites. El Quseir is a great spot for shore diving, with reefs set just off the coast. The waters are clear and calm and reef fish abound. There are also wrecks to explore and even a pinnacle in open ocean. For the dive sites beyond the shore you can count on the comfortable, well-appointed dive boats and sped boats to whisk you there in no time and there are some liveaboard options too. There are many other attractions that make El Quseir such a popular tourist destination. In the city center, you will find the Fortress of Sultan Selim with a wide range of cultural and archaeological displays.

Dive Sites in El-Quesir

Featured places to go in El-Quseir

Port Ghalib

Elphinstone Reef is the most popular of these day trips to access from Port Ghalib.

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Brother Islands

the brother islands are home to dazzling coral reefs and wonderful wrecks and you can even swim alongside whitetip and hammerhead sharks.

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Coast El Quseir

The coast of el quseir is a dive site that can be either a relaxing or an exciting one depending on what you are looking for and your skill and experience level

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Aquatic Life in El-Quesir

There are so many fish and other underwater marine life inhabiting this area it can be hard to know where to start. Not only will you find gobies and butterflyfish, you can also see larger species in the form of whitetip sharks, spinner dolphins, guitar sharks and more. If you’re lucky you could get to swim alongside the majestic dugongs, also known as sea cows, that glide effortlessly through the waters here. In addition to those creatures, keep your eyes peeled for moray eels, sea snakes, crocodile fish, lionfish, and blue-spotted stingrays as well as porcupine fish in this territory.