Diving in Aqaba

Most visitors base their scuba diving in Jordan out of the ancient port city of Aqaba. This city dates back over 4000 years and, at one time, was the gateway to Egypt, India, Arabia, and China. Surrounded by mountainous deserts, Aqaba is not far from other famous Jordan attractions like the Valley of Wadi Rum and the ancient city of Petra. Thousands of tourists flock here yearly to see these famous archaeological sites. Still, the actual main attraction is the pristine coral reefs found underwater in the well-protected Marine Park’s warm, tropical waters. The 20 named dive sites in Aqaba are mostly easy and relaxing, offering various underwater encounters like coral gardens, pinnacles, and the famous Cedar Pride wreck. Jordan diving conditions are calm, clear, and warm year-round. The best time to dive in Jordan is April to November when air temperatures are milder than the hot summers.

Dive Sites to visit in Aqaba

Wildlife Encounters in Aqaba

The Jordan marine life you will see while scuba diving in Aqaba may not include larger fish and sharks like other parts of the Red Sea, but whale sharks and dolphins do visit occasionally. Divers do usually see hawksbill sea turtles and eagle rays. A wide variety of colorful reef fish thrive amongst the brilliant soft and hard coral reefs, and black coral sightings are a special treat. Typical encounters include anthias, nudibranchs, octopus, squid, lionfish, stonefish, and clownfish. There are over 510 species of fish and over 350 species of coral, some of which only exist in the Red Sea.