Freediving Instructor Trainer

Freediving instructor training is an elite group of SSI professionals focused on creating the best and safest freedivers. Join the ranks of freediving training by attending the Freediving Instructor Trainer seminar.

Spark passion in every new SSI freediver by achieving the highest level in freediving education. Become an SSI Freediving Instructor Trainer today!

Facts and Training Standards

Join the best in freediving training as an SSI Freediving Instructor Trainer. If you are a passionate, experienced SSI Freediving Level III instructor, make your mark by creating the top SSI freediver instructors in the industry.

Just as your SSI freediving instructor trainer influenced you to become your best, now is your chance to influence others and expand SSI Freediving training. Learn to run professional courses, crossovers, and specialty seminars.

Start your freediving career today!

Minimum Age for Participation 21
Available as Junior Program No
Minimum Age (Junior Program) Not applicable / mandatory
Certification Prerequisites Not applicable / mandatory
Amount of Academic Sessions 14
Amount of Pool/Confined Water Sessions 2
Amount of Open Water Dives 2
Maximum Training Depth 25m / 75ft
Suggested Duration of the Training Program 70-80 h

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Scuba Schools International (SSI) began in 1970, and today, we are the name to trust in the freediving industry. It is easy to go freediving with SSI wherever you choose. We represent more than 3,300 training centers and resorts in over 130 countries and have over 50,000 affiliated SSI Professionals and growing every day.

The experience that SSI has built in the last 5 decades of training divers has resulted in the most sophisticated and effective freediving education system there is. Our progressive and personalized training approach, combined with a scientific education system, ensures you have the best foundation as a freediving instructor in the industry.

SSI’s globally recognized freediving programs are thought to deliver the best freediving experiences to create the best recreational freedivers. By working closely with our freediving professionals and training centers around the world, we ensure you get the best training to become a freediving instructor.

There is an SSI freediving course to suit nearly every freediving discipline, dive environment, and passion out there. SSI Training offers freediving learning materials online in more than 30 languages, so your students can start learning right away!

We look forward to welcoming you to the SSI freediving instructor community with our uncompromising standards and methodology.

Your new career starts here. Join SSI and become a freediving instructor today!