SSI is proud to announce a new partnership with Virtual Divers International (VDI) – Download today!

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VDI has introduced the world to the most advanced diving simulator/game App. This is as close to diving as you can get on your phone, but it’s much more than a game. 

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The mobile based app and game allows you to simulate skills like equipment assembly, ascents, and descents, hand signals, mask clearing, and even regulator removal and recovery. And many other features such as:

- Most advanced training and refreshment dive training platform ever built 

- 3 independent dive sites: Reef, Wreck, and Real World. 

- Global Leaderboards 

- Log Book, and total dive counter 

- Extended missions and strategy diving practice 

- More marine life and new marine life identification

- Virtual certification saving offline and in your email address 

- Overall diving enjoyment, and links to the future developments. 

- Fast download, and online playability. 


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This game is excellent for someone wanting to find out more about learning to dive, or getting back in the water after a long break.  You can even find out about the latest scuba equipment. You will love the VDI digital and fun scuba philosophy. 

All scuba skills, the actions on your phone, same as in real life

Download your copy today, and become a lifetime VDI member. Choose to own a dive site, and your level of membership, from Scuba Start-up to Platinum