'Where are the best dive sites near me?'

On our innovative travel website, MyDiveGuide, we highlight the best local dive sites from countries around the world. Finally, you can answer the question "where are the best dive sites near me?"

Discover a world of diving on your doorstep.

With the inability to travel, most divers have had to re-think the way they do diving and are asking 'where are the best dive sites near me?' Those who have always associated diving with hopping on a plane and heading toward warm, tropical water have had their eyes opened up to a whole new world of diving right in their own backyard.

Where are the best dive sites near me?

Travel may still be widely restricted across the globe, but we are not letting that get divers down: Stay tuned for October! Need another diving fix? We will also be sharing where to go local diving in France. With our local dive site series, we hope to inspire you to make a list of the 'best dive sites near me’ and go diving! CLICK HERE TO FIND YOUR BEST LOCAL DIVES.

Six ways SSI Professionals can keep diving when travel is hard.

Diving may look a bit different now for your customers than it usually does, but you can help them to keep diving. Instead of taking divers on your annual Indonesia diving trip, plan lots of fun and different local diving opportunities. Encourage your divers to dust off their gear, rent some cylinders, and take them to explore all the nearby dive sites they never knew existed.

1. Explore Local Spots.

Advertise to your customers the local dive sites your staff visits regularly, who they are suitable for and why you love them.

2. Discover New Sites.

Encourage your customers (and staff) to get out there and discover new dive sites and share their new dive site highlights. After all, exploring is what diving is all about!

3. Inspire others!

If your customers are used to only diving on vacation, surrounded by warm, crystal-clear waters exploding with life, help them see a whole new world of diving. Remember that every underwater environment offers something unique and special.

4. Stay Connected.

Keeping your customers connected with one another will keep them diving. Grow your diving community by hosting dive events and activities.

5. Expand Dive Gear & Knowledge.

Diving throughout the year may require your customers to invest in warmer wetsuits or other gear. They may also need additional training to suit the local diving environments, like SSI Night and Limited Visibility for those darker quarry dives or SSI’s drift diving certification for swift-moving river dives. READ THE FULL ARTICLE: LOCAL DIVING – THE BEST WAY TO DIVE MORE.