60 Best Gifts For Scuba Divers And Ocean Fans

The holidays are almost here, and you have a scuba diver in your life. But what do you get them? Your search for the ultimate gifts for scuba divers is over with our 60 best gifts to buy. From big budgets to small, home décor to travel essentials, and stocking fillers to under-the-tree presents, we have you covered! Whether you are buying gifts for scuba divers, freedivers, or any ocean lover, our gifts will meet your needs. Read on to find out more.

Top 60 gifts for scuba divers and ocean lovers.

Dive gear and accessories.

If you are looking for top holiday gifts for scuba divers, you cannot go wrong with these popular dive accessories:

1. Neoprene mask strap.

Every mask comes with a strap but upgrading to a neoprene mask strap is a great idea for divers who have long hair. It is the best way to prevent hair from getting tangled in mask straps and they are super comfortable to dive with.

2. Spring or bungee fin straps.

A pair of spring or bungee straps for open-heel fins makes diving life much easier...say goodbye to those embarrassing queues at the dive boat ladder while you struggle to get your fins off.

3. Dive torch.

A dive torch is a great gift for scuba divers of any experience level. Introduce them to the wonders of night diving as well by treating them to a night diving course.

4. Underwater slate.

An underwater slate is one of the most affordable gifts for scuba divers. As a bonus, it is easy to wrap!

5. A dry bag.

It is difficult to keep valuables dry when you go diving. Make it easier with a small dry bag for phones, keys and other essentials. Give it as it is, or fill it with some dive accessories for an extra surprise.

6. Mesh kit bag.

Go one step further and treat your diver to a mesh kit bag for their dive gear. With that and a dry bag, they are set for every dive adventure.

7. Diver tool kit.

You cannot beat a neat little dive tool kit when it comes to gifts for scuba divers. With a standard multipurpose tool and a multipurpose tech diving tool, you can make almost any diver happy.

8.  Safety sausage or DSMB.

A safety sausage or DSMB is another dive kit essential for keen divers. There are numerous designs to choose from with different advantages, so pop to your local SSI Training Center to get a recommendation.

9. Dive computer.

A dive computer is one of the first bits of gear that divers buy. The Mares Smart dive computer is suitable for open water diving, multimix and free diving. It also comes in a range of eye-catching colours. READ MORE: 7 BEST DIVE SPECIALTIES TO BEAT THE WINTER BLUES.

Freediving gear and accessories.

Some of the gear listed above is useful for freedivers as well:

  • Neoprene mask strap.
  • Dry bag.
  • Mesh kit bag.

But these extras for your freediving friends and family are even better:

With its white colour and sleek design, this freediving belt is one of our favourites. BROWSE THE 10 BEST FREEDIVING COURSES FOR NEW FREEDIVERS. 

Underwater photography and videography.

If you have a budding underwater photographer or videographer in your family, these are ideal:

1. Underwater camera.

There are many models and brands to choose from. The GoPro HERO10 Black and Paralenz Vaquita are two of the most popular and easy-to-use.

2. Floating tripod.

The Nu Grip floating tripod is the world’s first floating 4 in 1 tripod grip and is a great gift to help keep GoPro cameras safe.

3. Smartphone underwater housing.

You do not need to be a photographer to take reasonable photos underwater. Treat your loved one to underwater housing for their smartphone and they can take photos of their adventures in no time at all. READ MORE: SCUBA GEAR ESSENTIALS FOR NEW DIVERS.

Essential beach gear.

Every diver needs beach gear for the summer season and dive vacations. These top beach gifts for scuba divers are great for non-diving ocean lovers as well:

1. Eco-towel.

A lightweight and quick-drying towel is a great addition to any dive kit. Organic cotton Turkish towels are an excellent choice and come in a range of colours and styles. Sand Cloud towels have plenty of ocean designs and help support marine conservation.

2. Changing robe.

Put an end to awkward attempts to get changed at the beach without dropping your towel. The Shark Trust towel change robe is perfect for summer and Dryrobe make the cosiest waterproof changing robes you can imagine.

3. Recycled changing mat.

Any ocean lover will thank you for putting an end to sand in their car, on their gear and in their clothes. This recycled wetsuit changing mat does just that.

4. Wetty bucket.

Take it one step further with an awesome wetty bucket. This collapsible bucket provides a portable rinsing container for feet and swimwear and doubles up as a wet gear bag.

5. Eco-conscious swimwear.

Eco-conscious swimwear sets are ideal for scuba divers who are passionate about saving the oceans. Popular choices include:

6. Kids snorkeling set.

Is there a youngster in your family who loves being in the water? Open their eyes to the wonders of the oceans with the Combo Pirate Neon snorkeling kit and book them on an SSI Snorkel Diver course.

7. Wetsuits.

Add a splash of colour to water sports with Gemma Lee wetsuits. They are on-trend, sustainable, and perhaps the most eye-catching wetsuits out there. Looking for an extra-cosy wetsuit? Check out the Mares Graph-Flex wetsuit range. They are some of the warmest wetsuits ever made. READ MORE: 10 DIVE TRAVEL ESSENTIALS FOR XR DIVERS.

Eco-friendly gifts.

We are passionate about saving the oceans, as are many scuba divers. Here are some top eco gifts for scuba divers that will not break the bank.

1. Eco water bottle that supports mental health.

This sleek water bottle by Elk is a stunner with its shark and octopus designs and every purchase raises funds for LifeLine.

2. Ocean flask that helps reduce plastic pollution.

When you buy an Ocean Bottle, you fund the collection of 1000 ocean-bound plastic bottles. There is a range of colours to choose from, they are suitable for hot and cold drinks, and they can be customized.

3. Cool eco-cutlery set.

This shark-themed cutlery set is by far the smartest one we have seen this season and has all your cutlery needs covered.

4. Reusable ceramic coffee cup.

Give the gift of post-dive coffee without the plastic! Pottery for the Planet’s reusable ceramic cups are sustainable, come in a range of drool-worthy colours, and you can get matching teapots, mugs and more. HELP PROTECT THE OCEANS – JOIN THE SSI BLUE OCEANS MOVEMENT.

Homeware & décor.

Bring the ocean into your home with these top accessories and décor gifts for scuba divers.

1. Ocean art.

Support upcoming artists, conservationists and scuba divers by purchasing ocean art that makes a difference. Check out Krisztina Dekany’s beautiful humpback whale print and Janina Rossiter’s range of marine life prints.

2. Scuba jewellery that supports marine conservation.

These are some of our favourite scuba jewellery gifts that support marine conservation:

3. Scratch-off travel map.

Is there a wanderluster in your life? Treat them to a scratch-off travel map to highlight their top dive destinations and plan where to go next.

4. Diver wine glasses.

Say cheers this festive season with these diver wine glasses and tumblers.

5. Personalized wine cooler.

Be the envy of your friends with this personalised wine cooler. It can be personalised with a destination of your choice. Is there any better way to remember your favourite dive spot?

6. Lobster wine stopper.

This smart lobster wine stopper makes a good stocking filler and comes in an octopus design too.

7. Hammerhead bottle opener.

Any shark fan or design aficionado will appreciate this gorgeous Umbra hammerhead bottle opener and corkscrew.

8. Neoprene ocean lunch bag.

Send kids and grown-ups into the world in style with Artovida’s range of ocean-themed insulated lunch bags. This neoprene lunch tote would look great at the beach or in the office.

9. 1000-piece wreck diving jigsaw.

Buy yourself some peace and keep the whole family entertained this festive season with a Shark Trust Ray of Hope 1000-piece jigsaw.

10. Get crafty with this shark sculpture.

Get creative and support shark conservation with a Shark Guardian paintable shark sculpture.

11. Top books for divers.

It is hard to beat tucking up with a good book after Christmas dinner. Check out Amazon’s best sellers in scuba diving for some inspiration, or explore top dive sites and destinations with these two beautiful coffee-table bestsellers:


Ocean courses and experiences.

1. Online dive courses.

Forget about winter with our online specialty courses. They are the perfect way to learn about the oceans and how to interact with different marine life and they can be completed entirely online. Simply pick your diver’s favourite topics and get started:

2. In-person adventures for the whole family.

With our range of in-person programs, you can treat the whole family to an underwater adventure this holiday season, whether they are a diver or not. Our top experiences include:


Stocking fillers.

Looking for a stocking filler or two? We have you covered with these small yet awesome gifts for scuba divers and ocean lovers.

Check out these fun scuba diver Christmas tree decorations:

Keep the diver in your life cosy post-dive and safe in the water:

Up your eco-credentials with these sustainable stocking fillers:

Reef-safe sunscreens and plastic-free haircare products are a must for every ocean fan. These brands are some of the best and most popular available:

Ethique haircare products work just like regular shampoo and conditioner, but without plastic containers or added water. Keep feet toasty in the water with these socks for scuba divers and freedivers. Fill them with a few small gifts to create the ultimate Christmas stocking for divers:

Make every dive safer with this versatile and compact line cutter:


 Travel Gifts.

Our top travel gifts for scuba divers are perfect for 2022 dive adventures and beyond:

1. Rugged dive cases. 

Protect dive gear from harm with the Mares range of small and durable dive cases.

2. Diver luggage tags and passport covers.

These fun luggage tags and passport covers will help dive luggage stand out from the crowd on busy dive boats:

3. Travel journal.

Ocean-themed journals are a great way to capture dive travel tales and memories:

4. Portable luggage scale.

Make it easy to weigh luggage and dive gear before and during dive trips with the Samsonite portable luggage scale.

5. Solar charger.

On remote dive trips, you need a solar charger to keep your electronics running. This is one of the top-rated chargers of 2021:

6. Rash vest and shorts set.

rash vest and shorts set or a dive skin is really handy on a dive trip. They are a great base layer for extra warmth during dives and are ideal for other water sports as well.

7. Dive buff or headband.

Dive buffs or a headband are the perfect way to keep hair out of dive masks and tangle-free during dives. Our top picks include: