The Indiana lies upright in 90 feet of water, with her stone cargo above and below decks, just as it was loaded. Her masts are down and her bow broken. Her anchors can be found among the bow wreckage.

The “Indiana“ was a 137’ three masted barkentine sailing ship, built in 1852 at Oswego, NY She was loaded at Buffalo with paving stone cut from the Niagara Gorge.

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Dean Richmond wreck

She lies today in 115’ of water off North East , PA. The ship is inverted but intact except for a hole used by the salvors for penetration. One of the propellers remains, the other has been removed.

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Thermocline dive. She sits upright in 120’ of water. There is normally very good visibility at this site, in the range of 30-70’, with bottom temperatures in the low to mid 40’s.

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John J Boland

Thermocline Dive. Thermocline is typically at 55’. She’s lying on her starboard side in 130 feet of water, rising 40 feet of the bottom. Bring dive lights.

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Betty Hedger

The remains of the Betty Hedger lie in 115’ of water, with mounds of sulfur cargo still in place. Much of the decking and sides are gone, leaving the massive framing structure exposed. There is a small pilothouse complete with portholes, a small winch, an anchor and other items visible.

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Welland Scuba Park

This is an excellent dive site for beginners as well as for advanced training. Explore boats, cars, barges, and other assorted items, all sunk & ready for you to discover! This site is apparently private land, although we have not been able to locate any owner. It has been closed for special events like FloatFest.

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Windmill Point Park

Excellent training area for Open Water, Advanced, and Master diver candidates. Quarry has many scuba platforms with guide lines. Max depth of 35’

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W C Richardson (Wreck)

Boat dive. WC Richardson is broken up iron freighter that rests at 35-feet. Main guide line extends over 400-feet along wreck. No float & flag as wreck site is in shipping channel. Anchor dive boat on shipping channel boarder. Connect tag-line from accent/decent anchor line to main guide line.

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Gallagher Beach

This is best done as a shore entry dive. There is a swimmers section marked and Jet skis are abundant on the weekends. Be careful at this location - the whole place gets overgrown by tall thick weeds in late July - September.

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Innerkip Quarry

Це чудове місце для весни & раннього літнього дайвінгу. Є багато затонулих артефактів, щоб знайти, як літаки, човни, автобуси, автомобілі та затонулого шахтної шахти. Видимість різко знижується до осені та зими. Ви можете оплатити $5 день плата за користування або зупинитися весь уїк-енд в таборі на місці.

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Niagara River Isle View Drift

Річка дрейфує від Айлев'ю на південь до причалів човнів Isleview. Плавати і прапор необхідно. Максимальна глибина становить приблизно 70 футів і приблизно 45 хвилин занурення.

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