Advanced Mermaid Training

Are you ready to continue your mermaid journey? With SSI advanced mermaid training, you can expand your skills, become a model and go mermaiding in open water. Do not stop exploring! Further your mermaid training by continuing with Freediving Level 1 and reach higher SSI training levels from there. Whatever your passion is, we have an SSI Specialty for your needs. Just chose from our various individual programs and get started today! When you complete a certain number of Specialty Programs and Logged Dive Sessions, you will also automatically earn the SSI Specialty Freediver, SSI Advanced Freediver and SSI Master Freediver ratings. These course ratings demonstrate your competency and build a solid base for your future adventures and/or SSI Professional career to come.

Continue your Mermaid Education

To experience the incredible feeling of mermaiding with colorful marine life, join the SSI Ocean Mermaid program. Get certified to go mermaiding in open water, maximize your mermaid experience and learn how to get the most from your mermaid equipment. It is the best course to improve you mermaid skills so you can explore the ocean with confidence! If you want to capture your amazing mermaid moments and wow your family and friends, join the SSI Model Mermaid program. You will learn to pose for in-water and surface mermaid shots and be taught all you need to interact successfully with a photographer or videographer. These mermaid courses are perfect for the whole family to enjoy. And if you keep mermaiding, you can become an SSI Mermaid Instructor and more, with our range of professional mermaid programs.

Strike the perfect pose and get the perfect shot! Learn how to pose for in-water and surface mermaid photography and capture your amazing mermaid or merman moments. Join the SSI Model Mermaid program.

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Tired of being confined to a swimming pool? Become an open water mermaid with SSI! Learn how to maximize your mermaid experience, increase your comfort and get the most from your equipment. Join the SSI Ocean Mermaid program now!

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Become a Professional

Continue your career by becoming an SSI Mermaid Instructor. Alternatively, combine your training with freediving by joining a Freediving Basic Instructor Course to graduate as a Freediving Instructor. Becoming an instructor is just the beginning of an exciting career pathway.

Featured Destinations ideal for Advanced Mermaid Training

Have you discovered MyDiveGuide? As the world’s largest dive site database, MyDiveGuide connects you to more than 10,000 dive sites, wildlife maps and more! Choose from idyllic destinations where you can continue your mermaid training, get inspired by other mermaids and plan your next adventure. With MyDiveGuide, you can combine your mermaid training with a vacation the whole family can enjoy. Start today!

호주에서 다이빙

세계에서 가장 큰 산호초인 그레이트 배리어 리프는 호주에서 다이빙의 정수입니다.

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플로리다 다이빙

선샤인 스테이트 플로리다 (Sunshine State Florida)는 열대 플로리다 키스(Florida Keys)에서 부터 깊은 난파선과 수정처럼 맑은 담수 온천에 이르기까지 많은 위대한 다이빙 사이트가 있습니다.

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터키에서 다이빙

터키의 훌륭한 다이빙 장소는 에게 해 지중해의 서쪽과 남쪽 해안에 각각 있습니다.

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아드리아 해와 접해있는 동남 유럽의 역사적으로 부유 한 나라 인 크로아티아는 "천 개의 섬의 나라"라고합니다.

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키프로스에서 다이빙

키프로스에서 다이빙은 놀라운 수중 지형과 수많은 역사적인 암포라에 대한 잘 알려져있다.

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필리핀에서 다이빙

필리핀은 루손, 비사야스, 민다나오의 세 가지 주요 지역에 있는 7,000개 이상의 섬으로 구성된 군도입니다.

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몰디브에서 다이빙

인도양에서 인도의 남서 해안에 위치한 섬 나라 몰디브는 환초라고 불리는 26개의 고리 모양의 산호초로 구성되어 있습니다.

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큐라소에서 다이빙

쿠라카오의 육지에서 짧은 수영을 즐기는 다채로운 산호초와 풍부한 수중 생활을 기대하십시오.

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이집트 다이빙

이집트의 아랍 공화국은 북쪽에 지중해와 동쪽에 홍해에 아프리카의 북동쪽에 있는 국가 이다.

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프랑스령 폴리네시아 에서 다이빙

로맨틱한 매력과 풍부한 폴리네시아 문화로 유명한 프랑스령 폴리네시아는 세계 최고의 다이빙 여행지 중 하나로 손꼽히기도 합니다.

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