Advanced Mermaid Training

Are you ready to continue your mermaid journey? With SSI advanced mermaid training, you can expand your skills, become a model and go mermaiding in open water. Do not stop exploring! Further your mermaid training by continuing with Freediving Level 1 and reach higher SSI training levels from there. Whatever your passion is, we have an SSI Specialty for your needs. Just chose from our various individual programs and get started today! When you complete a certain number of Specialty Programs and Logged Dive Sessions, you will also automatically earn the SSI Specialty Freediver, SSI Advanced Freediver and SSI Master Freediver ratings. These course ratings demonstrate your competency and build a solid base for your future adventures and/or SSI Professional career to come.

Continue your Mermaid Education

To experience the incredible feeling of mermaiding with colorful marine life, join the SSI Ocean Mermaid program. Get certified to go mermaiding in open water, maximize your mermaid experience and learn how to get the most from your mermaid equipment. It is the best course to improve you mermaid skills so you can explore the ocean with confidence! If you want to capture your amazing mermaid moments and wow your family and friends, join the SSI Model Mermaid program. You will learn to pose for in-water and surface mermaid shots and be taught all you need to interact successfully with a photographer or videographer. These mermaid courses are perfect for the whole family to enjoy. And if you keep mermaiding, you can become an SSI Mermaid Instructor and more, with our range of professional mermaid programs.

Become a Professional

Continue your career by becoming an SSI Mermaid Instructor. Alternatively, combine your training with freediving by joining a Freediving Basic Instructor Course to graduate as a Freediving Instructor. Becoming an instructor is just the beginning of an exciting career pathway.

Featured Destinations ideal for Advanced Mermaid Training

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