9.4852, 123.8665

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Sunken Island, Pamilacan

This dive site is a sunken island located in the middle of the ocean between Alona Beach and Pamilacan Island. The top of the island is at 10M and slopes off to depths of 30M.

Known for it strong currents, this site has a huge variety of wildlife hiding in the coral and under rocks. Variety is the name if the game here.


This data is provided from the logbook information in the MySSI app



  • Haladó
  • Tapasztalt


  • Extended Range (XR)


  • Hajó

Víz típusa

  • Tenger


  • nem
  • mérsékelt
  • közepes

Maximális mélység

  • 23m


  • 17m
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