Diving in Russia

The giant landmass of Russia sits at the top of the world, surrounded by the diverse waterways of the Arctic and Pacific Oceans and the Baltic, Azov, and Black Seas. Russia is the largest country in the world with the ninth-largest population and is geographically located in Eastern Europe and North Asia. Main tourist destinations include Russia’s capital of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Golden Ring, White, Barents Sea, Primorye, Kamchatka, Altai, Baikal, Caucasus, Crimea, Ural, and Kuzbass.

Diving in Russia is extremely diverse. The Black Sea region is rich in WWII wrecks, while the Baltic Sea’s low salinity offers well-preserved historical wooden shipwrecks. The northern seas are striking in color, size, and variety of Arctic marine life. Russia’s far east hosts a unique blend of the harsh Arctic Ocean and vibrant colors of the Pacific Ocean’s warmer waters. Freshwater diving in Russia is also abundant in the Ural Mountains, where you can find numerous deep quarries and natural caves with crystal-clear water. Further east, Lake Baikal offers endemic species, clear water, and unforgettable ice diving. The Altai and Karelia Republics are home to many rivers, lakes, and streams, offering unique diving opportunities. Finally, the most adventurous diver can explore the vast, largely untouched Siberia province.

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Featured places to go in Russia

Central Federal District

The long, winding Volga river offers plenty of dive sites in the Central Federal District of Russia.

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South federal district

The South federal district of Russia sit just waiting to be explored by divers.

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Ural Federal District

The Ural is home to many rivers and as such it has become a hotspot for many cave divers.

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Northwestern Federal District

Diving in northwest Russia is sure to bring excitement to even the most seasoned diver.

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Siberian Federal District

Diving in Siberia, you will experience an underwater world like nowhere else with massive green sponge colonies and unique-looking endemic crustaceans.

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Far Eastern Federal District

Diving Far East Russia is a great adventure and is sure to excite the most avid diver.

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