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Guam is considered an important strategic military stronghold for the United States of America with a tumultuous past. First, this country was colonized by the Spanish in 1668, and it quickly became a critical refueling point for Spanish ships crossing the Pacific. In 1898, following the Spanish-American war, Spain lost control of Guam to the United States. After that, it had a 3-year occupancy by Japan during WWII. Now, Guam is an important U.S. island territory. For all of its past, Guam is home to a diverse population of U.S. Navy personnel, the indigenous Chamorro, and people of Japanese, Chinese, and other Pacific Island descent.

Guam sits like a green jewel in the middle of the Western Pacific. This country is a U.S. island territory, famous for its beautiful, exotic beaches and crystal-clear waters. Divers will be amazed by the many possible diving adventures they can find in this place. Diving in Guam, you can explore the famous wall dives with steep drop-offs, beautiful shallow pristine coral reefs, and even deep blue caverns. Guam is not only renowned for its many dive sites and abundant marine life, but for its WWI and WWII wreck diving. Where else in the world can you dive shipwrecks from both world wars at the same time? As expert divers say, only in Guam!

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