Diving in Argentina

The South American country of Argentina is a land of diverse landscapes and topography both above and underwater, from prairies and deserts to snow-topped mountains and luscious rainforests - contrasting environments cover this beautiful country. Argentina makes up the bulk of South America’s southern half, bordering the Andes Mountains to the west and the Atlantic Ocean to the east. With over 4000 kilometers of Atlantic coastline, there is plenty of opportunities to go scuba diving in Argentina.

Scuba diving in Argentina should be on every adventurous diver’s bucket. This diverse country offers various dive environments from subtropical reefs in the northern Atlantic to subpolar waters along Argentina’s Patagonia coastline. The warm, calm, clear waters of the northeastern region offer scuba divers colorful reefs full of fish life. However, most people journey here for the exciting, unique diving that Argentina’s Patagonia has to offer. Although water temperatures in Patagonia fluctuate between 9-11 degrees C, 8-2 degrees in the extreme south, the coldwater diving is worth it when you encounter the numerous sea lions, migrating southern right whales, and giant invertebrates that make this region famous. So, grab your drysuit and plan your Argentina diving adventure today!

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Featured places to go in Argentina

Tierra del Fuego

If you are looking for one of the most thrilling dive experiences on the planet, diving Argentina’s Tierra del Fuego Province is the place.

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Located in central Argentina, the Chubut Province is home to the country’s highest concentration of dive sites.

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Peninsula Valdes

The Península Valdez is a unique area and offers some of the best scuba diving in Argentina.

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Wildlife Encounters in Argentina