Cozumel is one of the most popular dive destinations in the world and caters to divers with many diver-specific hotels year-round. Sitting just off Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, Cozumel boasts crystal clear, warm waters every day of the year and is home to a wide array of marine life.

Wildlife encounters include spotted eagle rays, nurse sharks, turtles, stingrays, moray eels, tons of reef fish, and the endemic Splendid toadfish, only found in Cozumel.



  • מתחיל
  • Advanced


  • 27 m


  • זרם קל
  • זרם חזק
  • ללא זרם
  • זרם חוזר


  • צלילת לילה
  • צלילת הסחפות
  • שנירקול
  • Wall/Drop Off
  • Macro Spot
  • צלילה בספינה טרופה
  • Cavern/Cave

Temperature & Visibility


Wildlife Diversity

Affiliated Training Center

Dive sites nearby

Tikila Beach

Located just south of town, this is a great entry point for confined and open water training. Max depth 20 feet and partially protected from the current. Also great for night dives & photographers.

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Paradise Reef

One of the most popular dive sites in Cozumel, Paradise Reef is actually three separate patch reefs running parallel to shore and is accessible by both shore and boat. This is one of the few good shore-accessible dive sites on the island. Max depth is 45 feet so this is a good site for beginners and snorkelers.

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Palace Reef

Cozumel Palace Hotel is an all inclusive five star hotel, from where you have access to the Palace Reef.

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Tormentos is a very popular second dive among Cozumel dive charters due to its shallow depth (averaging around 65 feet) and little to no current. The reef is very healthy and full of life; a photographer’s dream.

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Chankanaab is a marine park accessible from shore at the Chankanaab Beach Adventure Park where you can lounge on the beach, swim with dolphins, have lunch at the restaurant, hike around the Mayan ruins, or snorkel and dive the Chankanaab reef right from shore.

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Yucab Reef

Being a shallower reef, Yucab is a very popular second dive for many of the Cozumel dive charters. The reef is very colorful and healthy with lots of hard coral species and huge barrel sponges. There is usually a strong current here so this is always done as a drift dive.

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Casa Blanca

Slightly south of the entry point for Cedral Wall, this site is frequently overlooked by local dive operators despite the opportunity for shark & turtle sightings.

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Cantarel is a beautiful wall with nice drop-offs. In the right season, it is common to find groups of eagle rays. It is better to treat it as a strong drift dive, jump all together, and come out altogether. It can have a strong current, sometimes pushing out or/and down the wall.

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San Francisco Reef

One of the most popular dives in Cozumel. You will find a steep dropoff, with potentially strong currents and frequent eagle ray sightings. The water is beautiful with 30m or better visibility. There are big barrel sponges all along the wall. This is a more advanced dive site.

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Santa Rosa Shallows

Santa Rosa Shallows is the counterpart of the famous Santa Rosa Wall. The shallows are a great second dive after exploring the deeper wall. The reef here isn’t any deeper than 60 feet with a mild current; excellent for viewing the buzzing reef activity all along the patchy reef system.

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