Pasihagon is named after the Barangay close to the site. This site is a gently sloped wall and is one of the less busy dive sites of Siquior. You will find the typical coral species here.

The usual coral and small critters of Siquijor occur here. This is one of the less explored sites of the island.

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Dive sites nearby

Tongo Point

The gentle slope of this dive site starts at about 12m, going all the way to 65m. On some days you can encounter quite strong currents in Tongo Point.

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Tambisan Wall

A very relaxing and comfortalble dive. Great for every level of diver. Beautiful coral gardens. You will find the special black coral trees in the area.

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Paliton Sanctuary

Paliton Sanctuary is a wall dive starting from a depth of 5 m, going all the way to 50m. This makes it an ideal dive site for every level. Beautiful and intact coral gardens are found with lots of little macro critters.

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Paliton Staghorn

Paliton Staghorn is a beautiful and easy to dive spot. Usually, you will find great visibility and a huge variety of soft and hard coral housing schools of all kinds and colors of reef fish.

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Paliton Wall

On this famous wall dive in the northeast corner of the island, you will see typical coral gardens with great opportunities for macro photography.

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Takot Shoal

Takot Shoal is also known as the sunken island. This is a sloping dive, starting at about 12 m, going all the way to 40 m. This is a more advanced dive site and you can encounter some current.

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Maite Marine Sanctuary

Southwest of the island along the beach road of San Juan in Siquijor you will find a cemetery. Maite in the Visayan dialect means cemetery, lending this dive site its name.

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One of the most popular shore entries in Siquijor is 1,3 kilometers south of San Juan town center. You will find on the right side the John Lhea Resort sign board. Turn in and check in at Dive Point DC which is located there for a shore dive in Coral Garden. A great site for a night dive.

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Sunken Island

Also known as “Takot Shoal,” this site is a beautiful submerged island encrusted with hard and soft corals. Amazing for both diving and snorkeling.

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Coco Grove House Reef

A shallow slope makes this the perfect site for beginners. Just in front of Coco Grove resort, you will find a beautiful and colorful variety of coral and small fish. This site is easy to dive and not a lot of current.

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